Cats Vs Pickles have now turned REVERSIBLE and we are so excited for them! Have you found them yet?

We went on a hunt for them and they are available in both Smyths Toy Stores and The Entertainer as well as Online NOW!

We all know that Cats are scared of pickles, but pickles just want love, but what happens when we combine them? The best of both worlds!

We want to welcome you back to the world of Cats vs Pickles where lovable but misunderstood pickles are in hopeless pursuit of colorful cats. We want to know what team are you on? Team Cat or Team Pickle? We are team Cat as it is just so cute but Ethan is team Pickle all the way.

The design on the bum of the squishy is still there on both the cat and the pickle which is the sign that it is an official CVP and is the best way to work out if its a real product or a fake.

If you didn’t know already then Kitty Cakes becomes Frosted Flo, Touchdown becomes Punt, Garth is twinned with Leith Pickleson, Kicks is together with Foul Baldrick, Psychadelicat flips into Groovy Gill and Roboticat morphs into Mech- Pickle! I really wanted Kitty Cakes/Frosted Flo but Ethan chose to get Roboticat/Mech-Pickle which I have to admit is also pretty cool.

We just love these adorable plushies and they are so relaxing to turn inside out over and over again, it’s like a super soft fidget toy which is awesome and not too hard on the hands. We created an Instagram reel of our instore visit which can be viewed here and of course we made a youtube video too! YT Video 1/2.

There’s now a dedicated UK Official Cats vs Pickles Facebook group – so make sure you join to get all the latest Cats vs Pickles information and if your children haven’t discovered Cats vs Pickles yet then definitely make the introduction. I can guarantee they’ll love them.

If your kids love Cats vs Pickles, make sure you check out the full range of Cat vs Pickles products that, as well as the beans above, now includes Huggers, Condos, Multipacks, Playsets and Chonks! The Chonks are next on our wish list! There are new character series launched regularly too and the range is getting larger and larger.


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