Ethan has been struggling with anxiety and worries a lot lately especially at bedtime so we have been GIFTED a Worry Eater. Our Worry Eater was gifted to us by Coiled Spring Games and it’s proper name is a Sorgenfresser. The idea is that you feed your Sorgenfresser with your concerns and in no time at all they will be chewed up never to bother you again!

Ethan has been super cute with it and has taken it to bed every night with a new note in it. He has woken up amazed when it is gone in the morning. I have to say as much as I it wouthought it wouldn’t work for him as he is quite switched on, it has been helping him massively. He is 9 and still loves it and uses it when he is really concerned about something.

Ethan’s monster is a red and orange one called Flamm and he fell in love with it from day one. He straight away wrote a note in it and gave it a massive cuddle. It’s the reaction I had hoped for but wasn’t sure if he would take to it.

Ethan’s little monster Flamm had a little note with him which was super cute and it said “I’m burning to eat your worries. Everybody says I’m a hot dude. But to be honest I have cold feet every evening. How about warming them for me?” He cuddles him every night in a proper headlock grip and takes him everywhere he goes. He gets upset with me if he forgets it so I know he loves it!

I would 100% percent recommend this for anyone with little ones who have worries or suffer from anxiety. It is so well made, it’s soft and it’s helped Ethan a lot in the space of just over a week. The idea behind the product is thoughtful and it works. It doesn’t take away the worries 100% but it helps them process it. It also helps the parents understand the issues they are facing without having to upset them by asking.

They have loads of other designs in their range and they are all so cute and you can tell they all have different little personalities. There is one called Flint and he is so cute and if I ever need to buy another one I will be getting him! Betti and Bill would be perfect for twins too!

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