Mix Up – A Premium Cocktail In A Can [ad]

Mix Up Cocktails are here so grab a glass, fill it with ice and be prepared to drink a banging cocktail In Less Than A Minute.

We got send a selection of ‘Mix Up’ cocktails from Manchester’s Kingsland Drinks, which are perfect to have in the fridge for when you fancy a cheeky tipple, if your having a party or just for shoving in your bag for train drinks!

Mix Up is available in a selection of fabulous flavours – two classic G ‘n’ T’s with tonic or diet tonic, a strawberry-infused ‘pink’ gin and tonic or diet lemonade, a refreshing vodka, lemonade, and lime, Coffee Rum & Cola, and Apple Rum, Lime & Ginger Ale and they are all available in 250ml cans at a RRP of £1.25.

Mix Up is an all-vegan range, which is low-calorie (less than 60 kcal per can) and at a decent price. You can get them in your local Co-Op supermarket sometimes for as little as £1! 

Having tried all of the range I have to say the vodka lemonade and lime is definitely my favourite as I am not much of a coffee / rum drinker however the pink gin and diet lemonade was also very refreshing. These will be great for having when at a festival or just having in the fridge for when you fancy a can or two of an evening. I really do recommend these and they are some of the best on the market and I really hope they bring out a mojito flavour next as that is definitely my favourite go to drink to have in the fridge and I haven’t found a good one in a can yet!.

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