Go Glam, Nail Stamper [AD]

We were gifted the Go Glam nail stamper by Cool Maker to try and see how we got on with using it.

We were gifted the Go Glam Nail Stamper by Cool Maker to try and see how we got on with using it.

Ethan does love having his nails done but he wouldn’t admit that to most people. The box on first impression makes some big claims such as “works on any size nail” and “bring the salon home”. Those are big claims, it is a like when a box states it includes everything you need and it doesn’t.

On first look I am not convinced that it will work but we are willing to give it a try on both of our nails. I think the box just makes it look too good to be true but I am trying to not let this cloud my judgement.

So there is 3 nail polishes that are included with the kit. It includes two colours and a top coat, the colours included are a bright blue and a dark purple. There are 5 stencil designs included with it too which I was impressed with. There is no mention of where you can get refills though – so is this just a one trick wonder?

Ethan’s favourite was the cupcake and mine was was the cats. On first impressions the machine is cute and small and easily portable in the included carry case. The stencils are on a form of tape and looked like they might transfer quite easily. On first impressions it is a good little kit but I would say the price tag of £20-£25 is quite high in my opinion. I would expect to see this kit for around £10 max.

We both used the base colours provided by them in the Nail Stamper Kit. I chose the purple and Ethan chose the blue. It is VERY transparent and even with multiple coats it didn’t want to darken up or become thicker. It also felt sticky but we assumed this was to help the stencil transfer.

Once the nail polish was slightly less sticky and dry we attempted to get the transfer to work. Ethan’s nails looked slightly better than mine as I found it didn’t transfer at all and when it did it was only parts of it not the whole design. Ethan’s nails were the perfect size for the transfer when it did work. The top coat did help it as it basically stuck it to your nail but I also found this sticky too. I won’t say it is the worst kit I have used as it isn’t but I guess compared to some I used as a child this just wasn’t brilliant.

The images on the Nail Stamper Box are obviously photoshopped and create a false sense of what to expect. It is the same company who created the bracelet maker we reviewed and we were really impressed with that so safe to say we are a little disappointed.

I had high hopes for this product and maybe that hasn’t helped with my disappointment but honestly I expected it to be better than what it is. It just didn’t really provide what it was meant too and the fact they say it will stamp onto any size nail is a lie as it just doesn’t work effectively.

Ethan was happy with his nails as his worked ok but mine got removed straight away as it was just a mess and so sticky even though they had been left to dry between coats, stencil and top coat.

It states it does 125 nails but really that is only 12.5 uses of the machine if you do both hands each time and don’t waste any of polish or stencils. It says 8+ and I can understand why but I can’t really see anyone over the age of 10 using this product.

Personally if I saw this product on clearance for £10 or under I would pick it up as a gift for a 8/9 year old but otherwise I wouldn’t feel like there is enough to warrant the price tag. It is very hit and miss and just not enough for me.

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