Ezra has just started to engage with drawing and colouring as long as it doesn’t involve him getting messy so when Sinco Creations recently offered us the chance to try out the Paw Patrol Aqua Sounds Mat  I knew we would be onto a winner.

PAW Patrol Magic Aqua Sounds Mat

The Aqua Sounds Mat combines the love of the original Aquadoodle with a character sound board. It is still a mess free alternative to drawing and I love it as it doesn’t waste paper or involve glitter or glue. The main selling point to us is that it only uses water so once it is left to dry it leaves a blank canvas to start again another day! No mess, no fuss and no extra expenses or draws to store away.

Each Paw Patrol Aquasounds mat comes with an easy to grip chunky water “pen” and under the drawing surface are pressure sensitive buttons that each have phrases from the show. There are 20+ phrases on the map such as “Rubble on the double” when you colour in rubble or “Chase is on the chase” when you colour in Chase. Ezra really liked this and the fact that each time he went over a character it was a different phrase made him really happy as it wasn’t too repetitive. The mat also features colourful pictures of the core Paw Patrol characters around the edge.

Ezra is loving the mat and it’s definitely his go to toy now and I would recommend to anyone who has children this age! He loves trying to find the Paw Patrol characters that are hidden within the mat, and trying to get them to say the different phrases and sounds. The drawings stay long enough for the them to enjoy it but the mat does dry quick enough that they don’t get bored of it and they can start again.

In relation to setting it up all you have to do is pull the tab on the sound box and then fill the pen that comes with the set. In order to fill it all you have to do is twist the blue section off and fill with water and replace the top. The sound box does have a timer on it so if the sounds aren’t working try pushing it and it should restart it / turn it on.

We really love these mats, I had them with Ethan 11 years ago and I am so glad they have continued the range and expanded. They are so much fun and mess free which is always a winner for me as a mum as I hate messy crafts with young children. As a bonus it folds away tiny and neatly so easy to store when not in use. From previous use of these mats I would advise making sure it’s properly dry before tidying away to avoid any damage to the mat and dry the pens out after every use to make sure they last the test of time.

The PAW Patrol Magic Aqua Sounds Mat is suitable for children aged 2 years + but even Ethan was seen having a go on it at 11 so it really is fun for all ages. The mat is currently available to purchase from Argos on their 2 for £30 so would make a great gift or it is ideal to put aside for birthdays / christmas.

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