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I have been lucky enough to be gifted a personalised Quality Street Tin for my family this Christmas. I saw them on social media last year but couldn’t get to a store to get it personalised myself so this is AMAZING.

dittrich street quality street tin

You can personalise your tin with the name of your choice (up to nine characters long) and choose your favourite chocolates (minimum of three varieties) in 17 of the John Lewis stores across the country. If you have your tin from last year (personalised, collectors or standard), then bring it along and refill it. You can also refill a tin you got this year if you have eaten your way through it already.

The prices are very competitive compared to the ones you can buy in the supermarket. I also love the idea of the fact that you can fill it with just your favourites because there is always the ones that never get eaten and just hang around for ages.

open tin of dittrich street quality street


  • Personalised tin including choice of favourite flavours: £15
  • Collector’s edition tin including choice of favourite flavours: £12 
  • Re-using your own personalised tin and refilling with your favourite flavours: £10
  • Standard filled tin (no personalisation and all flavours) : £7.50

You can’t get the tins online so it will involve going to your local pick and mix station but there are plenty across the country and the biggest one seems to be:

I haven’t been asked to post this but I was asked so many questions about it on Instagram that I thought this post would be useful.

For more details head over to Quality Street Tins.

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