Re,Cycle,Me Kits – Recycling Crafts [AD]

We have been Gifted 2 Re, Cycle, Me kits for us to turn our recycling into art and to keep us busy during Lockdown 1.0. They come in various sizes depending on what kind of skill level, concentration and ability the child has. I also think the size boxes depend on the child’s age a lot too.

I have never heard of this company before they sent us the products and I think they are great to include in our homeschooling.

It took us a while to get all the bits together for it as it did require quite a bit of recycling and as a small household we didn’t have it all. It was totally worth it though to make them all but it might not be artwork that we keep for a long time.

As the whole nation is currently schooling at home or doing the traditional homeschooling I would 100% recommend these as an afternoon project or maybe even for a rainy day. It kept Ethan quiet and still for an hour which doesn’t happen often!

I was really impressed with the items inside the box and the fact that we only needed to provide a few plastic bottles, tins and cardboard tubes was a bonus. If you didn’t want to do all the tasks at once, you could just provide what you needed at the time. The tin can bowling was one of our favourites and the shark / fish game as they were colourful and provided lots of fun.

The company also shows play tents on their website which are made from plastic bottles which I think are brilliant but Ethan is a bit old for them now.

I can’t seem to find stockists of their items but they do have various forms of social media which I am sure you could message them on to find a stockist.

I really like the Christmas box in the home decor section on their website so if we can find a stockist I will try and get that for us to enjoy this Christmas.

It kept us busy for quite a while though and would recommend for something to keep little minds busy.

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