We were super lucky to receive 3 Among Us Capsules from Kap Toys on Christmas Eve to review and they are available at Smyths Toy Stores and Selected Tesco Stores for around the ¬£11.99 mark. These have been sold out everywhere since way before Christmas so we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to get our hands on them.

If the gamer in your life likes to play the ultimate game of teamwork and betrayal then they will love these mystery capsules. Will they be the first to identify the Impostor or will they keep getting Crewmate?

First they need to find the code card on the top and use the heat of their hands to reveal if they are the deadly Impostor or the Crewmate. After this they then get to do the fun part and unbox the 10cm character figure and see what unique accessories are enclosed.

Crewmates will find a hat and skin sticker, a side pet, location prop card and after-life bone. It doesn’t matter which model you have when it comes to displaying it as you can choose to display it in their alive or deceased form. We think this is awesome but we are choosing to display ours in their alive form.

There are 13 characters to customise and collect and what is even better is that they have over 130 combinations between them. We really want to try and get the glow in the dark one or an imposter as it looks awesome.

We have reviewed them on our Vlogmas Series over on YouTube and I tried to show you exactly what they look like during the unboxing.

We can’t wait to get some more and try to expand our collection as I know Ethan will love them so much when he spots them in his gaming section of his room.

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