5 Alternatives To Easter Eggs

Easter seems to have become a big celebration in the UK but not always for the right reasons with Easter Eggs appearing in stores from Boxing Day. I have compiled this list of 5 alternative gift ideas instead of Chocolate so that your little ones won’t be in a chocolate coma by 11am on Easter Sunday.



Eugy are a cardboard-based craft set that allows the creator to make a 3D model. It helps them learn to concentrate and follow a set of instructions to get the desired effect. There is a variety of models available so you can choose the design that suits them most. Ethan has the Shark and the Raptor and they look awesome. They are available here and they even have a bunny which is perfect for Easter!


Outdoor Adventures [AD]

Outdoor Adventures provide brilliant toys/equipment to get your children out in the fresh spring air and enjoying nature. Ethan has loved using his binoculars to look for birds and his bug magnifier to check out the local insects in the garden and he can’t wait to use it again next time it is sunny. You can check out their products on Amazon or via this link.

baby books

Soft Baby Books

For the younger people in your household much like our Ezra then these soft baby books look awesome. Ezra has some from our local Aldi and he loves them for the colours and the crinkle effects too. They have been a hit with all the children in our family and this is the perfect opportunity to grab some for the younger ones. Priced at around £9.99 for the set but you can get them individually for less.

eggs or toy easter eggs

Tomy Hide and Seek Eggs

This is another hit in our house, and I thought it would be perfect for Easter as it is eggs. If you are a 90’s child, then more than likely you would have had a set of these for yourself, so it is a massive nostalgia moment for me. Ezra is slightly too young for them currently, but he does love the noise they make when we squeak it. Priced at £9.99 but can be purchased elsewhere.

butterfly kit

Butterfly Garden

This one is slightly more expensive than a large Easter egg, but it has an education aspect to it which I think is totally worth it for the money. I always wanted one of these as a child and I loved it when we had one at school. It allows the user to watch and learn as their tiny caterpillars turn into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies and then they can release them. It could make a good chance to scrapbook it too if they wanted too.

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