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Let Consider It Moving help you and take the stress out of what should be an exciting life achievement.

The completion stage on your new home is done and dusted, and now you have to actually move which can be hard right? Let Consider It Moving help you and take the stress out of what should be an exciting life achievement.

Moving house is commonly referred to as one of the most stressful things you will do – but it doesn’t have to be! Consider It Moving want to help you with some useful tips to get hte day ‘moving’ in the right direction!

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1. Organisation is key

In order to keep stress down then you need to make sure you stay organised and in order to do this make sure you start by packing each room one at a time. When you start to pack things up your things, you need to decide when and how you will organise your things and what boxes you will need to get easy access to at the new house. Once you’ve assigned items to boxes, make sure you label them nice and clearly to help it be stress free at the other end.

You need to make sure you know who is driving the van or if you are hiring one and what time they will arrive to load up. Once you’ve worked these pieces out, you should have a plan for your moving day.

2. Start your packing early

Moving house is not a small task and I think people often misjudge how much stuff they really have especially in ornaments and decorations.

If you can then start packing as soon as possible as this will ease the stress nearer the date. If you have the keys for the new property then drop off i as many items at the new property as you can and make sure that you won’t be requiring them. If you can do it in smaller albeit frequent trips, before using the removal van then the van can be used for your larger items on moving day. It should hopefully lower the amount of the time you need to hire the van. 

3. Take your time

Be sure you allow a lot more time than you think you will need as you will need it. Feeling rushed will add to your stress levels and that will make your moving experience miserable. Extra time will allow you to be more careful when you’re packing and unpacking, and it also takes into account the inevitable moving day setbacks. Taking your time = less breakages!!

4. Be flexible

There are sure to be issues when you’re moving house, so remind yourself to stay flexible. Having a plan is a great and it means you will stay organised, but don’t be afraid to change it, allow for setbacks, differences and delays.

5. Have a backup plan

When you’re planning your move, take a small amount of time to think about the things that could go wrong and write them down. When writing them down – think of alternatives ways to get around the issue, fix the issues and basically what to do if it happens.

These could be:

  • Arriving without your belongings due to travel issues, setbacks, delays.
  • Removal van could cancel or let you down – how will you get around this? Rent a van yourself or check other companies.
  • The property may not be ready / in the promised state – make sure you have a bag of cleaning supplies accessible and take photos of the state when entering. Take photos of any issues, broken items, work that needs doing before you do anything.
  • Changes to Government guidelines due to Covid-19 or any other pandemic outbreak / local outbreaks or restrictions.

Planning for any potential setbacks like the ones listed above will aid to control any potential stress from moving, because you have the alternative plan ready and waiting if it is needed.

6. Enlist help

Moving house is a huge task, when you have to do it all yourself. Ask for help from your friends or family if they are around, or ask them to help with the children so it makes it easier to pack and do it without them under your feet. You’ll be finished much faster, if you have more people involved.

7. Say goodbye

If you have lived in your old property for some time, then give yourself time to think about all the good memories you have had there and make peace with leaving there. Make sure you keep a little piece of the home to take with you, i’m not suggesting you take a wall but maybe a plant from the garden to replant at your new house.

8. Take care of yourself

Purchasing a new property and moving into it can be extremely draining. Be sure to take care of yourself throughout the process. You can do this with the following basic tips:

  • Make sure you eat and drink enough daily to keep up your strength.
  • Do something each day for yourself – be it exercise or journalling
  • Speak to friends and family to express your thoughts and feelings
  • Ask for help if you need it

Taking care of yourself means that you deserve a treat every now and then, so consider a takeaway on your first night in the new home to reward yourself for all your hard work! It is how we always celebrate moving because who wants to cook after a long day?

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