The 7 Destinies Of Love Review [AD]

We have been gifted The 7 Destinies of Love Book which is a guide to the seven ways in which we transcend love throughout our lives. It is also about how we can reach and move forward from each stage.

Countless psychological models help us understand human, personal and relational development, but very few teach us about love. Marriage and Family Therapist Claudia de Llano, M.A., has outlined a groundbreaking new framework that will change our perspective on how we awaken and understand our hearts.

The 7 Destinies of Love Book

In The Seven Destinies of Love, Claudia explains the stages of love through which we must evolve; from the moment we’re born until our lives come to an end. She gently peels back the layers of love within us – the ones we need to understand and cultivate to move toward spiritual awakening and strengthen our relationships with ourselves, others and the universe. It’s an eye-opening read – and a one-of-a-kind psychological model – designed to propel us forward on our paths to finding fulfilment, happiness and, of course, the deepest love possible.

A blend of poetic prose and psychological instruction, The Seven Destinies guides the reader toward a clear path of a life lived with fulfilment through an open heart. The book includes a quiz to help with areas of development, as well as a journal where readers can write down and explore how the seven destinies of love are playing out in their lives.

This book is ideal for people who want to look further into why they do things they do and why they love the way they love and it is available now from Amazon**

The 7 Destinies of Love Book

We are really happy to support this book as a proportion of the proceeds from book sales will raise vital funds for Shawmind, a Newark-based mental health charity.

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