Paint Pop have sent us a selection of their paint sticks to try out. We were sent two sets of 12 sticks and the fun tub that contains 20 paint sticks in an easy to carry box with a drawstring handle.

What are Paint Pop paint sticks?

paint pop sticks

Paint Pop Paint Sticks are a brilliant creative tool that are brilliant to introduce children to doodling and painting. They are great as it is crafting without the added stress of water, brushes and mess. They are shaped in a chunky stick (like a glue stick) and they are designed like felt tip pens. The paint glides across the surface and when they need more they can twist the bottom. Then hey presto they can have hours of more fun just like that. They are mess free & easy to use. That is coming from a mum who has had lots of paint disasters in the last 9 years.

How Did We Find The Paint Sticks?

The Paint Pot paint sticks have been a huge hit in our house with both the kids and me! As a mum/step mum of two kids who love to paint I can honestly say these are a great product. I am now the fun mum again instead of a kill joy. They are easy to set up and require no additional materials. There is no need for water or brushes which is great for quick crafts. It also means there is no chance of them knocking over the water pot! All of them are used exactly the same as you would use crayons or a glue stick. They dry much quicker than usual paint so they are perfect for those quick crafts where you want it done and tidied up in super quick time. This makes them virtually mess free. Both of the kids can set it up themselves too so I don’t have to get involved. This is great when you have other kids needing you too.

pop paint sticks 2

I love how they are chunky and therefore very easy for my left handed boy to use. [For once it is nice to not have to buy special left handed items i.e. scissors.] My nephew loves them as he can grip them with his whole hand, which means he can get creative without the risk of a lot of mess. These give him a form of independence during his craft sessions, when usually it would be more complicated task. These are perfect for people with sensory issues or learning difficulties like my nephew as they are virtually mess free. They can be used on lots of surfaces and are easy to be able to interactive with.

They are incredibly versatile and can be used on lots of materials such as wood, plastic and glass. If you need to clean them off then they can just be wiped off using warm water and a cloth.

I would highly recommend these for any art box, and you can grab them now over on Amazon.

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