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If you have had kids in the last ten years or looked after pre schoolers then you will know all about Peppa Pig and how every child loves her family and their adventures. We first got introduced to it when Ethan was younger and already Ezra loves it. We got GIFTED 2 Peppa Pig magazines for my nephew but before he got even get a look in, Ezra was loving the pictures on the pages and the free gifts. Of course the magazines are aimed at 3 years + but he still loved having a flick through them and playing with the toy camera.

The Fun To Learn Peppa Pig Magazine

ezra with peppa pig magazine

The Fun To Learn Peppa Pig Magazine is an interactive magazine for children who are around the ages of 3-7, and it is based on the popular TV show, and books. The magazine guarantees grown-up and child interactivity, through many exciting Peppa Pig stories and fun activities.
Every issue is designed around ideas that make learning fun, and that aid their develop in reading, writing, counting, coding and lots of other skills. The children won’t even realise they are learning as they are having so much fun. Each issue comes with stickers which are to be used in the magazine, and of course every children’s favourite part – a Peppa Pig gift to play with. The gift is usually in keeping with the theme of the magazine such as ‘The Beach Fun Set’ which came with the summer issue we received.

The Fun To Learn Peppa Pig Bag O’ Fun Magazine

ezra with his peppa pig magazine

The Fun To Learn Peppa Pig Bag O’ Fun Magazine includes a fun and interactive Peppa Pig activity magazine as well as other Peppa Pig gifts. It comes with stickers to use within the magazine, which will keep the children occupied for hours and it is perfect for long car journeys or plane trips this summer holidays. The activity pack enhances learning with a fun read-along story which runs throughout the magazine, along with lots of activities. This months pack is themed around America including NYC so is perfect to explain flying, holidays and staying away from home. You may remember from magazines as a kids that each issue has competitions/prize draws to win prizes. This edition of the magazine as it is a mega bundle comes with a special Peppa Pig colouring book and a Magic Painting book that doesn’t require anything expect a little bit of water and a small brush. It will have children occupied for ages as the pages change colour with water but you could always tell them it is magic!

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Both magazines support the Early Years Curriculum, and they have won NMA 2017 & 2019 as well as no1 selling pre school magazine 2018-2021.They also won the Progressive Preschool Winner 2021 and Mum’s Choice Award Gold 2021. They help children to develop important key skills but through play and enjoyment as well as giving their grown up five minutes to have a drink and a sit down.

Are They Worth The Money?

We loved these magazines with Ethan and it appears Ezra will be following in his foot steps too as he loved me reading them to him and the bright coloured pages. He is a little young to fully appreciate them but they will go to a great home with my nephew who LOVES Peppa Pig and the magazines. They are a little pricey but they do come with hours of fun and keep the children very busy! We buy the big packs when travelling as there is plenty to do and keeps them busy. We used to buy the smaller magazines once a week as a well done treat and I think that justifies the cost and gives them a weekend treat.

Where Can We Buy The Magazines?

“Fun To Learn Peppa Pig and Fun To Learn Peppa Pig Bag O’ Fun Magazines” are available now from all good supermarkets, convenience stores, newsagents and WHSmith High Street and Travel. Single issues and subscriptions can also be purchased from Redan’s online shop.

We have been gifted these magazines to review but all views are our own. They do not reflect on the company or the brand.

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