Stranger Things Lite Board [AD]

Your favourite retro toy has teamed up with The Stranger Things gang for the toy of the Summer, if not the year. It is a must have for fans around the globe.

You can create art from the show with the added bonus of background lighting with this high-definition Stranger Things Special Edition Lite-Brite set. It is in retro packaging for fans, it is designed for kids and adults 14 years+ due to the shows nature and rating. This awesome set includes 12 Stranger Things HD Design Templates with designs from the newest season it is enough to make someone want to go into the upside down. The templates even include your favourite monsters and moments from the whole series.

stranger things

Let’s get down to the details – it includes 650 micro pegs which is 3x more pegs than the Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic, a hd grid, and 4 light modes to add detail to your creations! This looks like it jumped straight out of the series when it is displayed and it honestly looks wicked when lit up in the dark. It has 4 light modes as I mention before and these are white light, alternating flash, all-flash, rotating flash so they can really set the mood with each different picture.

My favourite ones to make were the Logo, the Demogorgon and The Upside Down but I did love the Waffle and the Surfer Boy Pizza Van too! This is seriously cool and I had hours of fun with it, making different patterns, if you loved hama beads then you will love this too.

This is probably my favourite toy that I have reviewed so far in my 8 years of blogging, it is fun for all ages (14+ due to content) and it looks awesome on the shelf during the day and seriously awesome at night as it is so bright and colourful.

Any true Stranger Things fan needs this in their life and I can 100% say it will be on so many peoples Christmas lists this year. I expect them to sell out quickly so make sure you get yourself over to Amazon and get yours before they sell out.

I want to see all your creations so please tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube if you get your hands on one and make some wicked patterns.

I reckon Dustin would be proud of my creations….

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