Rainbow Surprise Cake – Take 2 [AD]

I got GIFTED another Rainbow Surprise Cake Box to try and do it better than last time so Thank you Britain Loves Baking for trusting me to do it again. The Rainbow Surprise Celebration Baking Box is listed as the easiest celebration cake and it is apparently perfect for all types of occasions according to the website. They are very popular for 1st birthday parties and 18th birthdays currently.

rainbow cake

I made a YouTube Video of me going through and baking this product so I can check if I did anything wrong compared to last time. If you have watched the first & second part of the YT video then this is what will have led you to my written reviews. I printed off my instructions from the website as I prefer to bake with written instructions not using my laptop whilst baking.

I found the mixture to be enough this time but due to a new oven it didn’t quite make 4 layers it make 3.5 but that was my fault not the mixture this time. What would of been my 4th layer was flat as a pancake so I couldn’t use it without breaking the teeth of the person eating it. Joys of a new oven as my last one I knew by clock work.

Once the cakes had been made I cut out the hole in the cake for the surprise using a knife and just did it by eye rather than measuring it out and it seemed to work well. I also did it when it was slightly warm to stop the cake crumbling too much.

The icing was easy to mix together and I reckon I would of had more than enough if it wasn’t decorated by me. I am useless with an icing bag and to be honest I think I got more on my cake board and me than on the cake. My cakes weren’t all even but they were better than last time and it definitely had more height than my first cake. It may of looked like a child did it but to be honest a child could of done it better.

rainbow cake

In all honesty my cake is a hot mess but it is better than my first attempt and I wouldn’t of actually minded putting it on a table at a party this time as it looked half decent (from a distance). Once again I am told it tasted good and the sprinkles came out well when we cut into it so that is one thing.

If I was to do it again I would make sure I had 4 cake moulds to evenly measure out the mixture so hopefully I would get all the layers required. I have definitely found doing it with 1 mould makes it more difficult as you can’t make them evenly measured out.

Either way it was an enjoyable experience and I would recommend these kits to people who enjoy baking for a passion rather than work. It is a very good kit to get experience of making different cakes and using different methods. This would also work well with the drip icing method and it would look good with chocolate icing too.

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