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I have been GIFTED Rescue No One to apply to my 2x C-Section scar to reduce the redness and the appearance of the scar. It is a scientifically proven cream that contains a naturally active green tea extract which is formulated to help combat the redness and scarring. It is often used for scarring that is from acne, spots and blemishes but they have told me it should work well on my scar too.

sos scar cream

I have been applying it twice a day for the past 7 days and I have already noticed the redness easing. It is of course still there but it is already less angry which is brilliant, considering there is 2 lots of scar tissue and the second scar is only 7 months old.

The advice I was given was to use it daily to help reduce the appearance of redness and scarring caused by troubled skin. They also mentioned that the cream can be used in place of my moisturiser or as a primer under my make-up depending on location.

sos scar cream

They sell a Solution For Scars too which looks like it is more aimed at c-section scars, operation scars etc rather than acne scars. When I asked they told me it works in the similar ways that the Rescue No One does. It works more at a cellular level to actively support the skin and improve the appearance of the scar by reducing the thickness, redness and soothing the skin. It contains a naturally active Green Tea Phytochemical same as the Rescue No One which is used to help combat the thickening and redness that contribute to the prominence of scars.

My skin can be a bit troublesome and I love using this as it is suitable for sensitive skin and it doesn’t aggravate my skin at all and it doesn’t have any smell either so it doesn’t irritate.

I would recommend this for anyone who has scars that they would like to fade or be less angry looking. It isn’t a miracle cure or a solution to get rid of the scars completely but it helps a lot.

c section scar

Top is my first photo then the bottom is the scar after 2 weeks which to many might not seem like much progress but to me it feels like an awful lot. I can’t wait to see what it looks like after a month, and a year and I keep wondering if it will eventually look like my first scar which was pretty faded after 8 years. I think this will take a while to heal properly as it is 2 scars now but it should fade nicely according to the doctors and I can see it already getting less angry with this cream.

10/10 from me!

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