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Twenty Minute Candles by Cotton & Grey [AD]

twenty minute candles

I have been gifted this beautiful set of Twenty Minute Candles by Cotton and Grey to share as part of my Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions.

The idea behind the Twenty Minute Candles is that there is ten pure beeswax candles, a ceramic candle holder and a set of affirmation cards which are designed for relaxation and well-being. During the burning of the candle the idea is to lose yourself for twenty minutes and to use the time to slow down and just live in the moment. Each candle is made with 100% non-drip pure beeswax, and the candles burn with a gentle and sweet honey aroma. They are designed to burn for at least twenty minutes but may burn for longer.

The cost for this set is £18.95 including free postage and you can add extra candles at the time of ordering to save on postage later on.

twenty minute candles lit

Whether it’s for a git or for yourself, these are perfect for recharging, relaxing, reading or writing entries in your diary. Also ideal for undistracted time with someone – I am sure you’ll find many ways to use our Twenty Minute Candles and they look lovely to have display too when not in use.

The company hopes that each set of Twenty Minute Candles will encourage the user to experience restorative, quality time.

I love these and I have a feeling you will too especially used in conjunction with the Curoristy Journal I reviewed previously.


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