[AD] Stamptastic Personalised Stamp

We have been gifted a personalised name stamp for Ethan’s school clothes by Stamptastic. Labelling his school clothes is my dreaded task each year and this year I just couldn’t face sewing all those labels in. I asked on Instagram what the best alternative was and Stamptastic came up top of the list. 

When I did some research I soon found out a few of my Instagram friends have used them and gave it top marks. It also came up within the top 5 suggested products on a local mum’s group in my area.

My favourite thing about this stamp is that it lasts after washing and doesn’t rub or fade out. We have washed his shirts at least 30 times and his name is clear as the first day I stamped it. 

His teachers have commented how clear it was and easy for them to read when locating his missing uniform. 

So I am aware this might seem like that just because I was gifted it, I’m giving it a raving 5* review. This isn’t why I am giving it a good review.

I genuinely love this product for 5 reasons:

1 – It is easy to use 

2 – Super quick turnaround. No fuss, No sewing 

3 – Clear and durable

4 – The customer service was lovely

5 – The website is easy to use and I can use it again and again, year after year

Ethan has at least 6 years left in education and I’m sure he won’t always want a penguin next to his name but I know the stamp will last the test of time. The ink is also available to purchase separately so next year if I need a new one it’s quick and easy to replace. 

Whilst writing this post I put up a little poll on social media to see how people label their children’s clothes. The most popular one was name stamps. I have previously ordered cheaper imitation versions off eBay and I will admit they were nowhere near as clear. They also didn’t last as long as Stamptastic has and it was gone within 1-2 washes. 

I would highly recommended Stamptastic name stamps and you can purchase them here with a £5 off code.

For full disclosure: If you use the link I have put above you get £5 off and I have the chance to win flowers. It is not an affiliate link. It is the same referral link all customers get once they have purchased.

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