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We have been kindly gifted a HexBug Mobot and after some playing around with him we thought we just had to share him as he is awesome.

We have been kindly gifted a HexBug Mobot and after some playing around with him we thought we just had to share him as he is awesome.

Our Mobot is called Ramblez and he is the middle price range of the three available. It took us a little while to work out how to get him to work to his full potential however we both agree this is the best toy robot we have played with. Ethan has another one similar by a different company but it definitely isn’t as good or sturdy.Ethan loves the fact it has a mohawk as that is his favourite hair style so that won points with him instantly. The mohawk also isn’t solid, it is made of rubbery material so it doesn’t hurt or scratch you if you knock it by accident.

The website describes the toy down to a tee really and they state:

Dance with Ramblez, the robotic sidekick from HEXBUG! Ramblez has an expressive light up face and when you clap twice, your bot dances and moves around in fun patterns! 

Ramblez can also record voice messages and play them back with cool, speed-up and slow-down effects! Group Ramblez beside other MoBots, and listen as they talk to each other in their own robot language! There’s always mo’ fun with MoBots!

I think the robot is cute and compact looking and even though he is solid plastic he doesn’t look too bulky or chunky. He isn’t heavy either so smaller hands would be ok to play with them. The front buttons aren’t too hard to push and are pretty robust so I can’t imagine them breaking which is always a plus point as Ethan is pretty heavy handed at times.

Ethan fell in love with the orange version online and the one called Fetch which we both agreed looked pretty cool.

There is another version called Mimax however this version doesn’t seem to be currently available at Bargainmax. When researching the Mobot range we found that Mimax seemed to be the cheaper version with Fetch being the highest priced. I am guessing this is due to what each one does and range of moving parts.

I found Mixmax available at Amazon for around the same price as it was originally on BargainMax.

I would personally buy this for a present for one of Ethan’s friend as it doesn’t require any other Hexbug products to make it work. (It does work with the other products but its not a requirement).

We have reviewed quite a few Hexbug products at this point and this is one of our favourites alongside the original hexbug products.

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