What To Do In Amsterdam – Part 2

One of my favourite places to go for a long weekend / weekend break is Amsterdam and despite writing one blog post on it already I just had more places to recommend so here we are with part 2.

One of my favourite places to go for a long weekend / weekend break is Amsterdam and despite writing one blog post on it already I just had more places to recommend so here we are with part 2. Before I get into part 2 I just want to remind everyone of the rules when visiting Amsterdam and surrounding cities and towns.

  1. Do not take photos of the ladies in the windows or aim your cameras near the windows – if the ladies knock on the glass then stop what you are doing straight away
  2. Only smoke weed in coffee shops and designated areas.
  3. Do not smoke weed on the streets or in cafes that don’t have signage allowing it
  4. Do not jump in the canals / throw things in the canals / walk too close to the canals

I can recommend Smokey’s and Cafe 420 for being welcoming places that are safe for you to smoke in but you can also purchase drinks and the Red Light Bar (coffee shop) is my favourite and bonus if you can get window seats as you can spend hours people watching and drinking beer.

Let’s get into my next lot of activities, food places, and museums.

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop

I love pancakes and when searching for somewhere in Amsterdam to get brunch we stumbled across Happy Pig Amsterdam and now I eat here everytime I go. It is lush and the people working there are always so kind and lovely.

Location wise it is around 10 minute walk from Dam square and the flower markets. It is also on a tram route 2,12,11 but the walk is honestly a lovely little stroll with lots of nice shops on route. It is open everyday but it does get very busy so I would suggest going early. If you want to eat in then make sure you get there early or be prepared to wait as there is limited seating.

If you go make sure you tag us in your photos on Instagram and tag them too as they love to see your photos!

Address: Rosmarijnsteeg 12, 1012 RP Amsterdam, Netherlands

happy pig

De Poezenboot

If you love cats then this is one of two places then you need to visit. I haven’t managed to visit here due to the timing of my previous trips but De Poezenboot is my dream trip and I couldn’t write a post and leave it out. De Poezenboot directly translates to the Cat Boat. It’s free to visit but they suggest donations to keep them going. Opening times vary so it is best to check and reserve online before attending and if you can donate via their website then please do as it keeps them open.

De Poezenboot Amsterdam

Katten Kabinet

The second cat related place is called the Katten Kabinet and it is a museum but with a twist as it has free roaming cats. It is €7 for adults, children are free (correct at time of publishing) and it is open most of the week but do check before walking there. Students are only €4 which is a bargain but you do need to show an international student ID. Tickets can only be bought via the website (not on the door) and the Kattenkabinet is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00.

kattenkabinet amsterdam

Cafe Chris

It’s Amsterdam’s oldest “Brown Cafe” and it’s still traditional in all its ways. Apparently you cannot sing in this building and they still allow people to pay on exit. It is located near Anne Frank House which I’ve mentioned is a must on a previous post. Café Chris opened its doors in 1624 as a beer house, and as such is the oldest café in the Jordaan area. Just be respectful in here as it isn’t known to be touristy so they can be picky with who they serve.

  • Café Chris, Bloemstraat 42, 1016 LC Amsterdam
cafe chris amsterdam

The Tulip Museum

The Tulip Museum is still something on my to do list as we ran out of time. On our last visit we went into the shop but we didn’t have time for the tour as we had Anne Frank booked. Many know of tulips being the flower of Amsterdam but most don’t know why and I think that’s why it’s good to visit lots of museums as you can learn the history and culture of a country through all different themes. Entry is €5 for adults, €10 for families or €3 for students.

The Three Sisters Pub

The Three Sisters Pub is a sports bar which we have visited for food every time we have visited and their cheese toasties are just lush plus their chips are just 5/5. The staff are really friendly and it is in the perfect location for you to get your bearings and have a rest between sight seeing and all the walking. If you are visting the Heineken tour it is a good spotting point before reaching there or the ice bar.

The chef is available from 10 am until midnight and the bar opening hours are Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 10am to midnight and Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 3 am. According to their website it says that every Friday and Saturday evening there are live DJs from 10pm.

  • Rembrandtplein 19 1017 CT Amsterdam

As a side point I would recommend the Heineken tour and the Ice Bar but they can be expensive so shop around for tickets and use local offers / tour ticket booths or ask your hotel for any available discounts.

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