Zap It – Mosquito Bite Relief [AD]

We have been gifted a Zap It Mosquito Bite Relief to help us get through the summer months! Zap-It! is a revolutionary, pocket sized device that is really effective at stopping the itching and swelling caused by mosquito bites and virtually all other biting insects. 🦟

zap it

We loved it as it is chemical free, non-allergenic, small and light to carry. We had planned to take it with us on holiday but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the current climate. I am a massive fan of it as it’s not classed as a liquid so it’s not restricted within our suitcases which is perfect as we often have hand luggage only.

It is the perfect size for your handbag especially if you are going on a beach or forest trip for the day or to be honest anywhere for a day out. The strap ensures it doesn’t fall off your wrist or you could tie it to your handbag strap which is what we have done. It means it won’t get lost at the bottom of your handbag when you need it most.

It has no batteries, so there isn’t a worry that you will need to find a replacement when away on holiday and it can be used to treat up to a whopping 1000 bites!! I get bitten a lot in a summer but definitely not that many times.

It is currently on Amazon for under £7 and that for me is a winner as we have spent around £20 on various bite creams and sprays before when we have had a bad summer. It can be used on children over 4 so we have made sure we always have it on us when we go out with the kids to avoid any dramas.

I would give Zap It a 9/10 and I honestly wish we had found it earlier as it would have saved us many a summer of scratching and red raw legs.

Honestly the only reason it doesn’t get a 10/10 is the fact that once it’s used it has to be thrown away after the 1000 uses. Admittedly the 1000 uses mean you have the item for a long time so it’s not a one time deal but still a slight bug bear.

If it was a recyclable plastic or bamboo I would feel less guilty about it. We are trying to lower our plastic consumption so it’s something I’m more aware of.

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