SuperThings – Guardians Of Kazoom [AD]

Children love to get collectible toys and in my experience the smaller the better and to be honest if its small and comes in a blind bag then my children are sold on it. The blind bags bring some form of excitement with them and I am not quite sure if it is the not knowing what one they are going to get or the idea that they could get a super rare but either way it is often met with squeals and giggles.

MozaBrick Photo Set [AD]

MozaBrick is a photo construction set and it is a wonderful gift for anyone over 14 as the bricks are small and a little fiddly. In order to get the correct pattern order you need to choose a photo and then follow the pattern to create the photo in black and white bricks. You get a code in the box to activate your pack and this code is unique to each box.