I have been super lucky to be GIFTED 3 Harry Potter Capsules from KAP Toys on Christmas Eve alongside the Among Us Mystery Capsule. I have seen so many videos of these on TikTok and this meant that I was super excited to get them to open. The RRP is £11.99 but I have found that they are available for £9.99 from Smyths Toy Stores. Obviously ordering them online means you can’t guarantee which ones you’ll get but that is the joy of a mystery package.

This post includes instructions for how to open it because we all know that everyone loves to just grab the toys and rip them open, but this particular collectable you need to open it in such a way to get the most out of it. It also adds to the suspense if you open it in the correct way rather than bypassing the first two sections.

Fans of Harry Potter can experience the magic as they unbox 7 surprises within the Hogwarts crest. Wizards and witches can follow the clues, and each surprise will lead them closer to a character from the series.

Series 3 includes 10 mystery figures to collect and we got Draco, Professor Trelawney and Dolores Umbridge.

Instructions For Getting The Most Out Of The Capsules

  1. Get rid of shrink wrapping and find the compartment labelled with 1 first.
  2. There you will find a crest. Warming this up with your finger will reveal the house colour, giving you your first clue. We got Slytherin.
  3. Go to compartment 2 next. Here you will find a spell written in magic ink… You will have to dip the spell scroll in water first ( I licked mine and it worked). 
  4. Then you get to compartment 3. Several little packages there and one big one. Start with the little ones! All the little packages will give you more clues as to who your character is. The packages are paper which I thought was brilliant and better for the environment than plastic bags.
  5. Confirm your suspicions by opening the biggest bag! The bags are very well themed if you have a look at them before ripping into them.
  6. The toys can be housed in their crest – which is very handy in order to keep them safe, as the little toys go missing easily and are a choking hazard for younger siblings.

I loved these and I think they are brilliant to keep you guessing who you have and the actual figures are super cute and not too overly detailed. They remind me of Funko Pops but on a smaller scale and slightly more anime looking than realistic looking. They made a cute gift for a Harry Potter lover and in my opinion they are worth the £9.99 for what you get. The buddy/item that come with the figure are super cute and they always relate to the character e.g. an owl or a tea cup set.

We opened these in our Vlogmas Series on Youtube which you can catch here and in this video we also open the Among Us Capsules.

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