We decided to get Ezra’s hand and feet casted as I loved having them done with Ethan and I only wanted to go back to Donna at BabyPrints in Stansted, Essex as she is amazing and highly recommended locally.

Ethan had his done at 15 weeks and we decided to do Ezra’s at the same time so we can compare the sizes as both were born at 32 weeks.

The whole process only took around 20-30 minutes and we have been lucky enough to get our prints back in 2 weeks and in time for Christmas. We love how gentle Donna is and how at ease she made us feel despite Ezra not being too impressed at having his hands dunked in the mixture.

Nick and I fell in love with the adult hands casting and we said if we can ever afford it then we will get it done once we are married as it is such a lovely sentiment and a piece to last a lifetime that can’t be replicated.

hand castings that are done in silver and two adult hands holding hands
Image by Tunbridge Wells BabyPrints UK.

If you want to give a gift to a new parent that they will love for a lifetime then contribute some money towards them getting some castings done as they are quite pricey (they aren’t for the work that is done but I understand it appears expensive). Honestly though I don’t regret paying out for the castings as they are my most precious home decor that I love to look at every day. Both of my boys were just so small it is lovely to have a physical reminder of just how small they were.

Donna has a video of her unmoulding a casting and it can be viewed here and her website is available here.

Just a disclaimer – this is NOT an advert or gifted but just us supporting a small business that I love and have supported over the years – both myself and via family.

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