Word On The Street Board Game [AD]

Did you hear the Word on the Street? It is the new board game we all need to play.

CoiledSpring Games have and they are smashing it with their new board game called “Word On The Street” which you can read about here.

We have been lucky enough to be GIFTED this fun family friendly game where the aim is to be the first person / team who gets 8 letter tiles faster than all the opponents in this hilarious tug of words.

word on the street board game

We found we didn’t even get through the category cards once as it has over 400 different ones so you don’t often get through the deck once before someone wins. It is the perfect game for family and everyone will become a wordsmith in no time!

We LOVED the fact that Word on the Street has two extra gameplay modes – quick-play and a family mode designed for younger players. We used the family mode until we got the hang of it and then Nick and I smashed through a few games by ourselves pretty quickly after that.

word on the street board game

Ethan and I teamed up against Nick to see which team could win first and Nick took a massive head start with us trailing behind. We had a great time trying to achieve the 8 tokens to win and once you get your head around the rules it really isn’t that difficult. Ethan surprised us many times with vocabulary we didn’t even realise he knew and it definitely made us think on the spot and be very quick.

It is aimed at 2-8 Players and for ages 10+ but Ethan is 9 and mastered it very quickly, it could be done with bigger teams but I don’t think it would be as quick and shift if you had more than 8 Players. I did a bit of research on this game before it arrived and The Board Game Geek rated it around 4/5 stars and that is out of over 2400 ratings.

hamburger board game

I personally loved it and it is definitely up there with our favourite game which is the Hamburger Game (10 points to you if you have heard of it and 100 points if you have played it/ if you own a copy as it is like gold dust). If you are a competitive family like us then Word On The Street will be a brilliant addition to family games night.

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