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Back in the summer when I was due with Ezra I got GIFTED the latest parenting magazine on the market called Paranting. It is available to buy on and each issue is a different price depending on how long it has been out.

It is a brilliant magazine that covers a lot of topics and it covers a lot of less mainstream topics and I will admit that it is a lot easier to read than the standard parenting magazines that cover all the same topics each week.

The goal of Paranting is to cater to people who struggle to resonate with the current roster of glossy lifestyle magazines. No more unaffordable products. No more London-centric mags. And no more out-of-touch articles.

Paranting magazine ensures that LGBTQ+ parents are recognised as caregivers. We give a platform to working-class parents and owners of small businesses. We Prioritise space for Black parents and Parents of colour. We Treat parents with disabilities with the respect they deserve.

Paranting is committed to sustainability and protecting the environment as well as pay equal salaries regardless of gender, ethnicity and disability.

In terms of rates, we are currently committed to paying the average fees for writers, editors etc. as laid out by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

We follow reporting guidelines from GLAAD, mind and rethink mental illness, beat and others.

I have to say when I first got it I thought it was a typo but I soon looked into what parant meant and Parant can be used either as a Verb: Paranting or a Noun: Paranter. It means to have a discussion, topic or rant that parents resonate with. If someone is having a parant, they are either a paranter or are parenting.

I think it is honestly a brilliant title for a parenting magazine and despite me never hearing of the word before I will be using it.

My issue is from July and I took it with me to read when I went in to have Ezra and my favourite articles are “Time to get creative in the garden” and “Turning eco-anxieties into hope”and honestly I would totally recommend you getting your hands on a copy of any of the issues and allow yourself time to read it to wind down.

06All views are my own and do not reflect on the businesses mentioned, no money was paid for the businesses to feature in my article and the only exchange was them giving me products but at no point did they state it was for review, promotion or paid work.

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