Frank & Bert By Nosy Crow [AD]

Ezra and Ethan have been GIFTED a new picture book from author of The Suitcase, Chris Naylor-Ballesteros and Ethan thinks it is awesome as it has bright neon ink throughout! Frank and Bert are the best of friends and their favourite game is hide and seek but Bert the bear isn’t very good at hiding due to his size so it means that Frank ALWAYS wins! Ethan can totally relate to this as he is a bad loser but he often lets his younger siblings win as he knows it makes them happy.

Our favourite part of this story is the elements of friendship between the two of them. When it’s Bert’s turn to hide, and Frank has to decide between winning OR making Bert happy, Frank learns that friendship is always the answer. This is such a great lesson for the children to know and I find with my children that they always learn better when they don’t realise they are learning.

This book is brilliant for the boys as it will last a long time in our house as Ethan will benefit from it now as he is having some friendship issues at school and then Ezra will benefit from the story as he gets older and is learning how to make friends, and be kind. It is a really good story about friendship and it is guaranteed to get your children giggling and help them understand what friendship really means!

As a bonus every Nosy Crow paperback picture book comes with a free ‘Stories Aloud’ audio recording – just scan the QR code and listen along!

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