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The lovely people over at LoveLox have GIFTED me an AMAZING Locket for an early Valentine’s Day /Mother’s Day Present!


A locket is a sentimental piece of jewellery, often given as a gift to mark a special occasion. A locket is symbolic as it contains items representing those you love which, as the pendant hangs around the wearer’s neck, falls very close to the heart.

Many lockets are passed through as a family heirloom – each locket represents its own story and a moment in time that has shaped your family history and by extension, your own identity.

I chose a heart locket with photos of my boys inside and then had my boys engraved on the back of it and I plan to wear it on my wedding day and more than likely everyday to be honest as it is gorgeous.

I chose silver as it has been associated with luxury for centuries and I prefer silver to gold for my jewellery. LOVELOX lockets are made with 925 sterling silver and then plated with 925 sterling silver on top of this to achieve the most perfect finish. They have 3 reasons they use 925 Silver and it is for:

Malleability – to make our women’s lockets ornate and delicate in design
Beauty – silver’s natural gloss and shine is eye catching
Durability – sterling silver is strong and when maintained correctly, it will look the same after 80 years!

I couldn’t believe it when LoveLox got in touch and offered me a locket as it is something I have always loved and now I have my own which is very nice! I really love the Tree of Life / Family Tree locket and the traditional Oval Locket too.

I love it an awful lot and can’t wait to show it off Thank You LoveLox!

LoveLox Lockets

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