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Rainbow Eco Play [AD]

I came across Rainbow Eco Play at The Toy Fair and they were showing off their Slinky Sand Soft Dry Slime which I loved as it gives the fun of slime but in the texture of kinetic sand. I am not a slime fan so this gives the fun without the sticky mess. We got given some PR sample pots which is why I have marked it as an AD but they were just for Ethan to try.

Smooshy Sand is an amazing kinetic magic sand. You can squeeze it, mould it and then watch the sand flow through your fingers. Smooshy sand is a kinetic and lightweight item so it’s fun to use, mess-free and great for kids sensory play. The magic sand is soft and silky whereas the Slinky Sand Slime is soft and fluffy. It is SLIME WITHOUT THE STICKINESS! It’s made of sand so it’s dry, but it moves and flows just like slime. Working with the sand can help reduce stress and produce a calming effect.

ethan with rainbow eco play product

The last one I saw at the stall was the Glow in the dark sand which does actually glow when you shine a light on it much to my surprise! Smooshy Glow Sand feels just like the Smooshy magic sand, but it’s luminous green and it glows and it includes a FREE mini torch in order to make it glow. To activate the glow in the dark sand, simply hold it under the torch. Flick off the big lights and it glows, it is awesome.

Rainbow Eco Products was founded in 2011 by owner and Managing Director, Bob Croker. He started out by building a slightly bonkers Wallace-and-Gromit-style sand colouring machine in an old cattle shed on his family farm in the beautiful Somerset countryside.

I think it is brilliant and would much prefer for the children to play with this over traditional slime as I just love how it is mess free, stickiness free and you can sweep it up if it gets spilled which is fab.

If you are looking into gifts,presents etc then check out this company.

All views are my own and do not reflect on the businesses , no money was paid for the businesses to feature in my articles and the only exchange was them giving me products but at no point did they state it was for review, promotion or paid work. It was just them being nice.

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