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G&T Cake Baking Kit [AD]

Britain loves Baking sent me their pink gin and tonic cake kit (G&T) to try for Mother’s Day and we all know how it goes when I do their kits. It is never quite picture perfect and definitely not like the box shows 9/10 times anyway. I am not a novice baker, but these kits seem to defeat me every time no matter how hard I try.


I was ready to try this kit and I made sure I checked with Greg at BLB to see what I needed and best techniques etc. It was all going ok until I added the G&T glaze to the cake and then the cake seemed to start to crumble as it was too wet and m***t.

I kept going despite this and followed the instructions but soon hit another snag in the road when I realised it wouldn’t fit in the freezer. Good old google said 30 minutes in the fridge would be the same but it definitely wasn’t as it was nowhere near cold enough. I found the gin in the frosting made it way too smooth and runny to stick to the cake and it would have worked better in its previous form. This was honestly just getting worse for me as it was starting to look like Ezra had made it and he’s only 8 months.

I persevered with the frosting and used all that I had and tried to chill it thoroughly before doing the drip icing. The drip icing smelt amazing of cherries and to be honest would have worked better if the cake was freezing cold like it needed to be.


My mum referred to the cake as it is looking like a head wound. I feel like this is warranted as it honestly did look awful and like a car crash, but it did taste good. It was interesting baking with alcohol as I haven’t done it before, and I still need to improve my icing skills massively – anyone know of any online courses?

I would do this again and try to improve my skills as the only faults I found in it was the runny icing and the alcohol mix making the cakes too soggy so next time I would use less.

This is a good kit for beginners as it is clear in instructions and it is a nice fluffy sponge.


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