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Winglab is a chicken wing Restaurant that serves burgers, wings, chips, and other options situated within Camden Town, London.

Nick and I got invited to go and try WingLab latest location today in Camden Town and we decided this was a great opportunity to make it a date day without any kids. Nick hadn’t visited Camden before so we were really looking forward to it. 

Camden has changed an awful lot since I last visited and it is full of small businesses both with food and products and when walking around we felt welcome. It is definitely a different vibe than I remember but it is a good change. 

When we arrived the staff were welcoming, friendly and full of smiles. We found a nice spot to sit looking over the river and decided what we wanted to order. The menu has something for everyone including spicy, plain, vegetarian and sides for the smaller appetites.

I decided to order the chicken strips with waffles, maple syrup and icing sugar as it is a dish I’ve wanted to try for so long and Nick said as it is called WingLab we had to have wings so he had the BBQ wings. We decided to add the regular fries and halloumi to our order as sides so we could try them both as halloumi is definitely our new favourite side. 

I do have to admit the halloumi was thick with a crispy outside and it was really good. You get 5 pieces in one portion and as they are so thick and chunky it was enough for us to share with the fries too.

The waffles and chicken combo was well balanced and tasted lush. I honestly wouldn’t of thought waffles and chicken would go together but the sweet and savoury balanced each other out nicely. The maple syrup made it sweet but it wasn’t too overbearing. I would have it again and we both agreed that we were surprised about how nicely it goes together. The American market definitely are onto something with that combo! 

The wings were a smoky bbq with a slight kick possibly from the sauce or the seeds we weren’t sure. We really enjoyed them but you can’t eat them neatly they are definitely a hands on, get messy experience so make sure you don’t wear white like I did! The wings make a great side dish in our opinion but there are different portion sizes so if you are hungry go for the bigger portion with a side of chips or halloumi.

We cleared our plates and I know it’s a gifted meal but I’m being really honest here. We really enjoyed our food and the customer service was top notch. The food came out quickly but that doesn’t compromise the quality. It was all freshly cooked and the staff couldn’t do enough for us and the other diners there. 

It was really nice to eat lunch and have a conversation without feeling like we were shouting as it wasn’t too busy. When we were leaving it was getting busier but the venue was big enough to not make it feel like it was crowded. 

If you are local to Camden or Tottenham then you should check WingLab out either in person or on the delivery sites (Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber eats too). 

We hope to be back next time we visit Camden as our boys have already asked us to take them as they love wings so we will be back! 

Top Tip:

If you are visiting the Tottenham Hotspur stadium then WingLab in Tottenham is about five minutes walk from the stadium as we found out via TikTok. 

DISCLAIMER: This item has been gifted to us but our opinions do not reflect on the products company, or the thoughts of any social media companies we have shared this review on.

We give our 100% honest opinions on the products we test and we have declared it is an AD and gifted as required by the ASA guidelines

Perfect Spot For Lunch Within Camden Town


Lots of food choices
Hot and quick service
Nice view during the meal


Hard to find within the food complex

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