The CRIMPit company have sent us one of their sandwich thins crimping ‘machines’ and we couldn’t wait to try it! We originally saw this on TikTok and we are so chuffed to have got our hands on it. The CrimpIt’s have been completely sold out in both January and February and it is the talk of TikTok. We all know if it goes viral on there then you won’t get your hands on it.

I was far too impatient to try anything complicated so I first tried just sliced cheese and Nick and I both decided that grated cheese would work 100% better but it was gooey and very good. We went and made grated cheese ones straight away after as we wanted to keep trying and making more. We are both really impressed so far and have said it is so much less hassle than a toastie maker. It also requires a lot less cleaning and electric.


We have only used the toaster so far to cook our little parcels of joys but you can also use the oven, microwave, air fryer, fry or grill it. The CRIMPit gadget is only to seal the bread and it doesn’t go in the toaster or the oven as it would melt. I have a few people a little concerned that I was putting it in the toaster, and I can safely assure you I wasn’t it was just the bread.

We also tried Nutella which was *chefs kiss* and then I proper pimped it up and tried Nutella and Marshmallows which was mouth watering and amazing. Lotus Spread also makes for a good filling and we found a huge jar of it in FarmFoods for 99p so definitely worth it if you love it.

Word Of Advice: You have to make sure you have properly crimped it as the marshmallow will totally mess up your toaster if it leaks out. Use the microwave or air fryer if you really want to melt the marshmallow not just make it gooey.


Our Crimpit favourites have been:

  • Beans & Cheese (air fryer or oven for the beans)
  • Chicken in White Sauce (Oven so it cooks the sauce)
  • Ham and Cheese (Toaster is fine)
  • Cheese and Onion (Lush, in any way you cook it)
  • Nutella
  • Lotus Spread
  • Nutella and Marshmallows (Small ones work better)
  • Cheese, Pepperoni and Tomato Sauce (Like A Pizza Pocket)

If you have good combinations, let us know as we are willing to try anything but tuna!

If you want to get to your hands on one of their machines (and we reckon you should) then check out their website to order.

Mrs Hinch is also a fan according to her Instagram stories so their website has gone crazy!

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