Little Brian Paint & Bath Sticks [AD]

Little Brian sent us their range of Paint Sticks and Bath Sticks to help us combat boredom over February Half Term and wow they are amazing. I am not a mum who likes messy painting, arts and crafts or paint as it is just asking for them to cover in it but this solves that issue.

paint sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks provide a mess free way of painting and they are perfect for younger ages too! Not only are they mess free they are quick drying, and no need for brushes or water. Simply lift and twist them much like a glue stick and let them unleash their creativity.

I dislike using paint as Ethan always ruins his clothes but these are water soluble and non toxic so he can paint his little heart out without me stressing over his shoulder shouting “mind your clothes 24/7”. Little Brian Paint Sticks are solidified paint which means no need for water or brushes. The children can create works of art out of these super silky paints on a range of surfaces including paper, card, canvas and wood and glass! They also dry within 60 seconds once painted on a surface so no chance of it getting everywhere if they drop the paper which to me is a major bonus. The day glow and metallic ones look brilliant too for a wider range of colours when painting pictures.

paint sticks

We got to try the New Bath Paint Sticks which have been a major hit with Ethan, he loves using them when he has a shower as he can distract himself from the hair wash and doodle without mess, staining and getting in trouble. We have tried other brands that offer a similar product but they have always stained the walls and this was brilliant when it didn’t and it was so easy to wipe off.

Both products got a 10/10 from the children and they even got the seal of approval from me too as the fact they are mess free, makes them my ideal product.

You can purchase the Paint Sticks from Amazon now and the Bath Sticks are available on other websites for now but keep checking Amazon.

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