Paint Pop Sticks have sent us a selection of their paint sticks to try out as well as their brand new Face Paint Sticks which are perfect for the Easter Holidays. We were sent a pack of 24 Paint Pop Sticks and a pack of 12 Face Paint Sticks.

What are Paint Pop paint sticks?

Paint Pop Paint Sticks are a brilliant creative tool that are brilliant to introduce children to drawing and painting. They are designed for crafting without the added stress of water. They are shaped in a chunky glue stick and they are designed to be used like felt tip pens. The paint glides across the surface and when they need more they can twist the bottom. They are mess free & easy to use. That is coming from a mum who has had lots of paint disasters in the last 11 years.

Paint Sticks

How Did We Find The Face Paint Sticks?

The Paint Pop paint sticks have been a huge hit in our house with both the kids and me! As a mum/step mum of kids who love to paint I can honestly say these are a great product. I have no face paint in the house due to the mess but the face paint sticks allowed the kids to have great fun creating dog faces, easter bunny designs and even more from their imagination. Added bonus points for the easy clean up with a baby wipe and no fuss which makes it perfect for our busy house.I love how Paint Pop products are so incredibly versatile and can be used on lots of materials such as wood, plastic and glass. If you need to clean them off then they can just be wiped off using warm water and a cloth.

Face Paint Sticks

I would highly recommend these for any arty house, and you can grab them now over on Amazon.

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