My Fairy Garden – Blossom Balloon [AD]

Now that the weather is turning, we thought we’d bring the garden inside to us and plant our coriander seeds for the base of our My Fairy Garden – Blossom Balloon

Now that the weather is turning, we thought we’d bring the garden inside to us and plant our coriander seeds for the base of our My Fairy Garden – Blossom Balloon. This toy aims to bring nature and play together – allowing children to plant the included seeds (this one is coriander seeds) along with having toys and decorations for their little garden. It is a pretty easy process and they provide everything within the box except the bag of dirt to plant it in. We used a small amount of dirt from our own garden so we didn’t need to purchase any but you can get small bags in most DIY Stores.

My Fairy Garden features stunning grow & play sets, inviting kids to enter the fairy realm world through flowers and trees. Home to fairies of all different kinds – Water, Earth, Light, Air, Dream, and Shadow – We really like the companies promise that when you buy a My Fairy Garden pack it contributes a donation to My Fairy Garden partnership with ‘One Tree Planted’, which aims to help reforest the world!

When A and I opened the box we were met with the colourful instructions and an activity pack called “Skye’s Fairy Field Guide”, there was the boat Blossom balloon to make, the tree to put together and decorate and then you have the seeds to add to the soil when you are ready. We opened our kit before taking any photos (bad blogger) so here is an image with the Hop’s Hideaway toy too.

It was really simple to put together the parts the only fiddly bits were the wind charm which needed hanging up and getting the balloon to attach to the base. If the child making it is 7+ then they should be ok but I would say 4+ might need some help with assembling it.

Once we had everything in place, we had to wait a few days before we could get the dirt and plant the seeds as it wasn’t the best weather to go into the garden! The set looked really cute even without the soil and seeds and it definitely could be used in imagination play without the plants too. Once we got our soil, we watered it but made sure it wasn’t too wet and then we put in our coriander seeds and left it to grow in a sunny warm spot on our windowsill. I am unsure who had more fun doing this me or A and we both agreed it is a really cute project to do together as you get the excitement of seeing who sees the first seed sprouting.

We really liked the size of the bowl for the fairy garden, and the size of the kit overall as it doesn’t feel too big and it doesn’t take up too much space to have out. The overall box size is really good and there isn’t any unnecessary packaging which is a win for me every time as I can’t stand pointless packaging. There are a few cute little decorations and fun objects to place around the garden and when you have used the seeds the little bottle be used as decoration too.

My Fairy Garden is definitely on my list of presents to buy the little girls in our family and if we need something for A’s friends then this would be a really good idea. It brings gardening and toys together and it showcases growth over time which is both educational and enjoyable.

You can purchase the Blossom Balloon set and others at Smyths Toys Store NOW

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