Doctor Squish – Squishy Maker Review [ad]

Are your kids obsessed with fidget toys and squishy items just like mine? If they love squishy toys, those foam stress ball / squishies, or fidget toys in general then the brand new Doctor Squish Squishy Maker will be on their gift list. This latest obsession has started due to Doctor Squish on Youtube and the kids watch it ALOT.

My 11yr old step daughter has always been a big fidget toy lover and she loves her slime and those squishy ball things at the shops so this was a big yes when wego asked to review it.

what Is Included In the Doctor Squish – Squishy Maker?

The Squishy Maker comes with everything you’ll need and there are refill kits available if you want to make more.

  • Instruction Manual,
  • Squishy Maker,
  • 1 x Spoon and Slime Powder,
  • 8 x Clear TPR Squishies,
  • Sparkles and Confetti,
  • 8 x Reusable Clips,
  • 1 x Curly Ribbon,

Is It Easy To make The Squishes?

The Squishy Maker is one of the easiest ways for kids to create their own squishies at home. Strong statement I know but it is because the kit really does include everything you need (apart from water) and it is slightly less messy than other methods. It’s aimed at kids aged 8+ but even Ava at 11 needed some adult assistance and supervision, due to being a bit temperamental and fiddly.

You can add in other items like orbeez, glitter, beads, slime etc but we didn’t we just used what was included in the kit which we found enough. Don’t use any sharp add ins (pointy sequins) as that may cause the balloon to explode when squished.

Quick Tips For Easy Use

  • Practice inflating with just the empty balloon first so you get confident pumping them up
  • Try making the smallest squishy size first
  • Make sure the outer dome case is clicked in properly before inflating the balloon.
  • Do not stir the squishy mixture with anything that could damage the balloon.
  • These aren’t pop proof so use them carefully

How to use the Dr Squish Squishy Maker

  1. Place down protection for your working area e.g a bin bag laid across the table in case of spills.
  2. Place the support inside the squishy maker. Small facing up if you want to make the small size, or upside down if you want to make a medium squishy.
  3. Twist the dome until it’s locked.
  4. Put the squishy balloon into the machine by pulling the neck over the opening of the dome. Make sure the lip is fully over or the suction won’t be tight enough to work
  5. Pump the squishy maker until the balloon is inflated to the size you need. Start small to get your confidence
  6. Add the squishy powder. One scoop for the small size, one and a half for medium or two for large.
  7. [optional] Put any other add ins you want into the balloon or Squirt in a few drops of your desired food colouring.
  8. Fill the squishy balloon with water. Make sure to stop before the water reaches the bottom of the balloon neck. The water and squishy powder create a substance similar to Gelli Baff.
  9. Place the stopper on top of the balloon and roll the edges of the balloon onto the stopper.
  10. Remove the dome and take the squishy balloon from the squishy maker. Be cautious when doing this and take your time.
  11. Twist the top of the balloon while the stopper is still attached and add a clip directly under the stopper. These are fiddly have them open and ready to go.
  12. Carefully roll the lip of the balloon off of the stopper. 

Our Thoughts on The Doctor Squish Squishy Maker

I definitely have to agree with the age limit on this as it wouldn’t be suitable for younger kids and your children will need to also have a lot of patience it is easy but it does take a lot of listening and being careful with the squishy during the process. Otherwise you can make an awful lot a mess. Ethan wouldn’t have the patience for it but Ava absolutely loved it and made all of her squishies and we are now waiting for a refill to arrive as she was making them for everybody in the family. I definitely think kids aged 11+ would be able to do it unsupervised once they knew what they were doing however it did take her few attempts to be able to do the clips herself as they are very fiddly and they do require a lot of strength to get them undone originally. Ava loved it and rated it 10/10 so that is a win for us.

Where to buy the doctor squishy maker

The Dr Squish Squishy maker and refill kits are available to purchase in most toy stores and on Amazon.

DISCLAIMER: This item has been gifted to us but our opinions do not reflect on the products company, or the thoughts of any social media companies we have shared this review on.

We give our 100% honest opinions on the products we test and we have declared it is an AD and gifted as required by the ASA guidelines

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