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We have been gifted a lovely London Pottery Teapot, Sugar Bowl, Milk Jug, Teacup with a Saucer and a gorgeous Cake Stand so we could throw the best afternoon tea for my mum for her birthday. This set is gorgeous and with the shades of red, blue, lavender and gold in amongst the flower design they make the London Pottery Viscri Meadow set a real showstopper. It has the wonderful “Made in the UK stamp” and it has been created by renowned ceramist David Birch.

London Pottery Teapot, Sugar Bowl, Milk Jug, Teacup with a Saucer and a gorgeous Cake Stand [not featured]

These pieces feel so delicate, but they are made of very durable ceramic and they feel lovely when you are holding them. They have a weight to them but not too heavy that you feel like you might drop them when you have a full cup of tea inside of them. The Viscri Meadow Collection is decorated with beautiful wildflowers, which is inspired by Birch’s love of the wildflower-dotted meadows of rural Transylvania and is enhanced further by accents of cornflower blue.

All the pieces in the London Pottery Viscri Meadow range are dishwasher safe ( the cake stand spindle is hand wash only) which makes them one of the easiest pieces to use as you don’t have to worry about them being hand wash only or damage from the dishwasher.

The Cake Stand features a few convenient touches which make it a pleasure to use and display in my house. The stainless steel spindle in the middle has a huge a large loop which makes it easy to carry from the kitchen to the table but it also means you don’t drop it as it is nice and sturdy and not wobbly or at risk of coming apart. That isn’t the only handy design feature, the cake plates are higher sided than normal which means that the cakes and sandwiches won’t fall off during transit.

Our View On The Pieces

The pieces were very well received at the afternoon tea and we had so many compliments on the design and quality of each piece. The fact that the tea pot can hold 4 cups and doesn’t drip was a favourite design feature for a lot of people as it meant nobody got drips on the table cloths or their clothes!

If you have someone in your life who loves to have a proper cuppa from a tea pot or they love to have an afternoon tea then this would make an excellent addition to their collection and you can buy the set here (excluding cake stand) and the cake stand as a standalone at this link

These pieces would make a lovely Wedding Present or as a Christmas Present depending on your budget, the pieces can be purchased individually or as a set so it can adapt to suit your budget. They really are lovely pieces and I am sure many people would love to receive them.

Other Pieces in The london Pottery collection I Love:

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We give our 100% honest opinions on the products we test and we have declared it is an AD and gifted as required by the ASA guidelines.

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