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I have been talking to the lovely team at Mylee London about what what they have for gifting especially for Valentine’s gifts this year and I have some items which I want to show you.

The 1st item I fell in love with is a ring necklace which is personalised with names, emojis or words of your choice. I got a 3 ring necklace in silver with Ezra, Ethan and Robin on mine to wear daily. They have different options online: singular ring2 ring3 ring and 4 ring option as well as different lengths for the chain. The rings are available in silver, gold or rose gold so lots of options to make sure they are perfect.

We haven’t been sent these but I found them online and they are brilliant! If your partner loves to make milkshakes, iced coffees, or just loves cute items then these Animal Double-Walled Glass would be perfect. You can choose from Cat, Bear, Teddy Bear and Dog and it comes with a Personalised Metal Straw. I think the teddy bear is super cute and would look adorable with squash in it or a pimms in the summer. These glasses keep drinks both hot or cold and reduce the risk of burnt fingers. They come in a black gift box as well.

I love these Heart Metal Straws that can be personalised and if you love Boba Tea / Smoothies then these bigger straws would be perfect and they can be personalised too! We were gifted a selection of the Boba straws for the kids and they love them. Metal straws are the best alternative to the paper straws that places now give out.

You can get 10% off at Mylee London during February using MEGAN10 in the discount box.

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