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We have been gifted a selection of AMAZING HP bits by the lovely people at Kellica. If you didn’t know, I am a huge Harry Potter fan who is a Hufflepuff too so a selection of the items I got were Hufflepuff themed but there are plenty of items in other house themes too.

We have been gifted a selection of AMAZING HP bits by the lovely people at Kellica. If you didn’t know, I am a huge Harry Potter fan who is a Hufflepuff too so a selection of the items I got were Hufflepuff themed but there are plenty of items in other house themes too.

Kellica Hufflepuff

First off we got sent the perfect stocking fillers! I got a Hufflepuff Bookmark, a Hufflepuff Scrunchie and a super cute and very me Hufflepuff Earring Set. They are all really high quality products and you can tell this from the minute you open them. I find with stocking fillers that they can be either be really expensive if you aren’t careful but these are super affordable and would make great gifts for friends or a secret santa gift as they are within most budgets. I think these items are a brilliant way to show off your Harry Potter house subtly as I understand not all muggles can relate. Kellica doesn’t just cater to us Wizards, they stock a whole range of other very cute designs such as Mickey & Minnie or Friends themed items too.

My favourite item out of the three (if I had to pick) would have to be the earrings as they are really subtle with the theme and they feel lovely when I wear them – they aren’t too heavy and the backs aren’t too long and digging into my neck. I love all three of the items I have been sent and I have used them daily since receiving them. I have had lots of compliments on the bookmark when I have been out and about too as it is very eye catching.

The other 3 Items I have been gifted in the box relate directly to Christmas so make sure you are prepared early and get these asap if you are interested as they will sell out.

When I first opened the box I honestly thought the people at Kellica had sent me two crackers but on further inspection I realised they are gift boxes in the style of a cracker. These do not contain a hat, a joke or a snap but they do contain very cute jewellery.

The Harry Potter Yule Ball Gift ‘Cracker‘ is a very cute dark grey Yule ball themed ‘cracker’ which makes for a perfect gift as it is prepacked, it gives the blind bag style of unboxing and it would really good as a tree present*** if you do them in your house. This set contains a necklace which features the Glasses with a small Lightning Bolt and a pair of little stud earrings in the shape of the glasses and the lighting bolt. It is packaged inside the cracker with shredded paper so it really gives the feeling of luxury and surprise when opening it. If opened up carefully the cracker can be kept and reused or can be folded down and recycled. This would make the perfect gift for someone who you want to buy a token gift for.

***(We do Boxing Day gifts or tree presents which are opened on boxing day after dinner and usually are just a token gift)

The other ‘Cracker’ we recieved is the Harry Potter Hedwig Red Gift Cracker. I really liked the design on this cracker as it just oozes Harry Potter to me with the colours, the design and the featuring of Hedwig. Harry and Hedwig are the backbone of the stories as they are the first ones you fall in love with so it is really nice to see them featured on one of the Christmas special items. In this ‘cracker’ you get the Golden Snitch necklace as well as a pair of stud earrings which feature Hedwig and the famous Hogwarts letter that we all craved as a kid. Once again it is all wrapped up inside with shredded paper which makes it the perfect ready to go gift.

Speaking of ready to go gifts, we were lucky enough to be sent our gifts in a trunk style gift box which just added to the magic of the HP theme when unboxing it and I will definitely be keeping it to store my HP Studio Tour memories in. If you want to add the large gift box to your order it can be found through this link or you can order their Trunk Box Jewellery Bundle which comes pre-packed if you require a non fuss, ready to go gift, it would be a great gift to send direct to the recipient. The Harry Potter Trunk Box Jewellery Bundle contains a bracelet, a Golden Snitch charm and set of spacer beads, with a spinning time turner necklace. As I mentioned it is all presented in a Harry Potter keepsake trunk gift box similar to the one we received – we haven’t been sent this set or asked to mention it I just noticed it online and thought it would be a great gift. I would of loved it when I was a teenager – or now.

tin advent calendar

The last thing we have been sent is the Tin Advent Calendar and I am so excited to open it and have currently restrained myself (It is October when writing this – spoiler image below if interested). I will be filming myself opening each one over on our YouTube channel so check it out if you want to see my daily reactions. I do know though what is inside some of them so I can give a fair review of the product. On first impressions I love this advent calendar, the tin design is such a good idea and the fact that it can be used afterwards for storage is a winner for me as a parent.

I originally thought it was just one layer as it was a 12 day advent calendar but I soon realised it opens to reveal two layers of gift boxes. The gift boxes contain 24 products from the Harry Potter range and this is made up of both jewellery and accessories. The boxes in their own right are adorable and if opened carefully could be kept if the person wanted too.

As a parent I really see the value for money in these style of advent calendars compared to chocolate ones as they contain keepsakes and items that will be worn or reused over and over again. As a Harry Potter fan, I see the intricate designs on the boxes, the thought process behind the items and when you get them, all the items included and the price for me is totally justified. I can’t wait to open each day and see what we have in each box and I know that the tin will be used by either me or the kids afterwards too. I know that I will get about 2 days in and the kids will want to take over and make it theirs so I better hide it well if I want to do it myself.

I love all the items that we have been gifted by Kellica and I honestly think the company has such a good range of items to fit every budget and theme (Disney, Fantastic Beasts, Friends, Harry Potter). All my opinions of the items are honest and open and I am already eyeing up items for my Christmas list from their site.

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DISCLAIMER: This item has been gifted to us but our opinions do not reflect on the products company, or the thoughts of any social media companies we have shared this review on.

We give our 100% honest opinions on the products we test and we have declared it is an AD and gifted as required by the ASA guidelines.

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