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Ethan and A were gifted a set of Binoculars, An Outdoor Microscope and 2 Return Stunt Planes by Brainstorm Adventures as part of their Outdoor Adventures range. It is to encourage children to get off their tablets and devices and get outside more and explore nature.

They have both loved using the microscope to see what insects lay under the bricks in the garden as well as what they can see when they put it in our faces. Ethan has enjoyed using the binoculars to explore the bird life with his grandad as he has recently discovered he really enjoys bird watching and these are perfect for this hobby. We have spotted a lot of Sparrows and Robins so far in our garden as well as pigeons, but you don’t often need binoculars to spot those.

paper planes

The return stunt planes were a slight challenge for us as the instructions for the stunt planes were slightly confusing as there was a lot of images and not many written instructions, so I am not 100% sure if I made it correctly but the children still had a lot of fun with it despite the slight lack in it always returning.

I am not very good at throwing these types of planes and I have never managed to master it, but the kids managed to get it to do a lot of loop-de loops which impressed themselves. It took a few tries to get right and get it to flow nicely and when it did, it was very satisfying to watch. We wanted to try the barrel loop but that seemed a little too adventurous for our first go so we attempted to do the boomerang and forward loop as shown on the box. Ethan managed to do all 3 of them on his first 3 go’s so he was loving it and showing everyone what he could do.

We loved all the items and would thoroughly recommend them 10/10 especially for keeping the children busy this school holidays!

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