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The Reindeer Feeder [AD]

We were really lucky to be gifted an awesome “Reindeer Feeder” to add to our christmas traditions. If you haven’t heard of them before check out their website.

The Shrumanns – or The Reindeer Feeders as referred to by Santa – are the some of the most dedicated and hard-working Laplanders there are and this kit gives you your very own.

I have teamed it up with our Elf on The Shelf and that Our Shrumann uses the same door as our elf. It kind of brings it together in that respect.

The idea behind it is that once you place your Reindeer Feeder on your mantle piece or window sill you do not need to move them again.

When Christmas Eve arrives you put the carrots in the feeding sack and then the Shrumann is ready to pop up to your roof to feed the reindeer.

It also comes with a window decal which I thought was a good idea. The concept is that you pop the decal on your window in a spot where Santa can easily see it. It will give him a bit of a helping hand which is desperately needed on Christmas Eve. 

Mostly importantly to make sure your Shrumann is ready to begin their work, you need to fill out the Reindeer Feeder Licence.

This involves giving your Shrumann a name, filling out your address and signing it. Our Shrumann still needs a name so comment below with some suggestions for us.

Once that is done, it is ready to go and I think it is great and adds to the whole Christmas plate, Elf, Christmas vibe.

I hadn’t heard of them before they contacted me but I honestly think it is fab. We had added it to our yearly traditions now. I have ordered one for my friend from their listing on Amazon which is currently the only place you can get it.

I am not saying this just because we were sent it but I do love it, the detail is super cute and the story that goes along with it is adorable. It is a little long but it works well and to top it all off this was designed by a family business not a huge company. I love how it was created by a family for families.

Ethan said it was super cute and he asked if he can stay all year. As much as it is cute I did say he has to go home like the Elf just so we can keep the magic alive.

I did review it over on youtube which you can find here.

All in all WE LOVE IT and we think you will too.

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