Valentine’s Gift Guide 2021

I previously wrote one of these (Valentine’s Gift Guide 18+) and the response was really good so let’s go again. I have tried to make sure the ideas I have included are affordable and available online due to the fact that I am writing this during a tier 4 lockdown.

I previously wrote one a Gift Guide and the response was really good so let’s go again. I have tried to make sure the ideas I have included are affordable and available online due to the fact that I am writing this during a tier 4 lockdown. 2020 was a strange year for gift buying and I can’t imagine 2021 will be any different so here is 5 ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021.

[I have tried to avoid Amazon links where possible and I have included either small businesses or ethical businesses for this Gift Guide].

1. Dinner Date Vouchers

We can’t be certain if restaurants will be open again anytime soon so buy your partner vouchers for their favourite restaurant for you both to use when we are allowed. Team this with nice flowers or their favourite bottle of drink. You can then gift them something for now and something for you both to look forward too.

If you are unsure of the restaurant you can gift something like this voucher below which can be found in most supermarkets. Gift guide vouchers are often on wowcher.

2. Promise / Advance Booking For A Night Away

Due to the current circumstances, a night away might not happen just yet but booking it either in advance or getting vouchers is a way round it. Many couples like to pair a dinner date with a night away and that hasn’t happened an awful lot this year. Many local hotels to me are offering package deals on their websites. I found Down Hall are offering lots of different types on their website from overnight stays to spa deals.

3. Buy Their Favourite Items and Make A Hamper or Bouquet

I have found this one useful before and it works out quite well if you are on a budget or would just like a smaller token gift. For the hamper you just need a basket or box and some cellophane which you can get from home bargains, b&m or your local florist.

If you are wanting to be slightly more adventurous a sweetie bouquet is always a winner.

For the bouquet you will need a pack of NEW kebab sticks which can be brought from the local supermarket, a small box or something similar to this box which I found on ebay and for inside the box you will need some Oasis blocks or something solid to stick the sticks into. You then need your choice of chocolate, sweets, crisps etc. You need to glue them onto the sticks, careful not to melt the chocolate, allow to dry and then stick them into the arrangement. Making it look pretty of course. You could also get shaped oasis blocks and arrange it into that shape, that would eliminate the need for the box. It all depends how creative you are feeling.

Most local florists and selling pages will have people offering these on them if you want to bypass hand making it yourself.

4. Order Them Something For The Bedroom 18+

This one can be taken many ways but it depends on your relationship 100%. It could be new underwear, new pjs, new toys for the bedroom or even new bedsheets if they are that way inclined.

I have a few recommendations for websites / products / ideas but I won’t go into detail and I will just link them below.

5. Hand Drawn Picture or Quote

Get them a hand drawn picture or quote from their favourite film, tv show, series etc and support a small business whilst you are at it. Most small businesses are really struggling right now due to the current climate so make two people happy with one gift.

I have some Instagram accounts recommendations that are amazing and I have used myself previously for present. Most of these pages either have an Etsy or a Facebook page too.

  • @Doodlesanddandelions
  • @Zoe_illustrates
  • @Lizziecoles
  • @Gempangillustration
  • @Superfoz (Not a business but a friend who is awesome at drawing)
  • @thelittlestillustrations
  • @flowersbyhaleigh
  • @la_di_da_doodle

I tried to think outside of the box this year when debating my top 5 for this Gift Guide and in all honestly I chose things I would be happy with but I hope they help you even a little.

For Valentine’s Day Cards I can recommend:

Valentine's Day Cards and Gifts


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