Roller Skating Into My 30’s [AD]

I have done and redone my 30 before 30 many times including pre pandemic and after so I decided to make it more realistic with things I can actually do. The pandemic has made travelling difficult but so has adding another member to our family, so I was thinking of things I really want to learn / do, and I realised that as much as I am an adrenaline junkie, I also love to learn simple things. This is where roller skating comes in…..


As a child I was given a pogo stick and I never once went on it for fear of falling off and hurting myself, but I always wanted too. I never got on with riding a bike either as I was too scared of falling off, but I loved my scooter. It was my go too when out with my friends and now at 28, I can half ride a bike and I can definitely ride a scooter, but I still never managed to do a pogo stick. I am not saying that I am going to learn to pogo, but I thought I would learn to roller skate as it was something my friends always used to do but once again, I was too scared.

Back To The Story

I have been gifted a pair of Bubble Gum Roller Skates by and honestly the first moment I put them on was the first moment I fell and smacked my back, my head and pretty much every body part against the hard wooden floor of my living room. I thought I would have been upset but much to my surprise I couldn’t stop laughing even with Nick’s concern.

I have since had Nick lace them up correctly for me as I am a nightmare with laces, and I have managed to skate around my bedroom which has carpet, so I feel like I have broken the seal a little on my roller-skating journey. I plan to make a YouTube series of it but first I have to find a space which is safer for me to do it in as my bedroom is too cluttered and my living room floor is too shiny! I am thinking the grass in my garden for the first few times, but we just need some dry weather for it to happen.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t plan to be roller skating miles or doing fancy tricks, but I just want to say I learnt something new and that I put myself out of my comfort zone for once. I have a while to learn, and I have to say that is a good thing as I often take a while to get back into something when I hurt myself and I have a feeling that will happen a lot over the coming months.

Roller Skating Updates TBC

rainbow roller skates

I love my new Skates so thank you so much to for sending me them and letting the little girl in me try and achieve something slightly scary! I will keep everyone updated on my progress over on my YouTube channel!

When I can skate properly I am coming for these bad boys! Mark my words as these are everything I love about rainbows and colours and they are just lush.

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