snoball play mixture

We made up the Snoball mixture to the correct measurements as written in the instructions and left it 15 minutes to form into ” snowballs “. We took ours outside to play with as I didn’t want to make a mess inside the house, even those it’s easy to clean up. Unlike the Gelli Baff it can just be watered down or swept up and doesn’t need anything to dissolve. It’s environmentally friendly and non toxic.

Children can get imaginative with SnoBall Play by using them for snowball fights, building snowmen, creating snow forts and even sensory play! Create your SnoBall Play Mixture in a small tub, add some figures in and your imagination will run wild.

We made around 30 snoballs with one packet of the mixture and it was honestly such good fun to play with this mixture as it was light hearted fun considering we don’t get much snow in this country. I suspected this would be my favourite item and it hasn’t disappointed at all. It’s utterly my favourite product out of the three and I will be buying it for all his friends.

As per the other products, Ethan and I have recorded a YouTube review and it can be found over on

You can purchase it here.

Ethan gives it a 10/10 and I fully agree, Snoballs in May who would of thought it!!

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