The Gelli Bath instructions almost seem too simple for this to work but of course it has and it is seriously good fun to play with. Ethan even got his cars involved so it worked well as good sensory play but I am still not too sure on being able to bathe in it.

We only used a small amount and we have saved some for a later date to use as we didn’t require the whole sachet for the amount of water we used today. This would be really good for a science lesson in a primary school or for sensory play within a nursery setting as it is so easy to set up and Ethan loved watching it change from water to the “Gelli”. It happens really quickly so it takes literally minutes to set up and Ethan had loads of fun playing with it. Ethan has a short attention span so it is hard for him to stay playing with something for longer than 5 minutes and this held his attention pretty well considering it’s such a simple concept.

gelli bath

Ethan is trying to do his own Youtube filming so this product is a great one of him to film and review and I can safely say it got a thumbs up from him as he keeps asking for more and wanting to try the other items. He is filming a review of this for our channel so pop over and check him out there.

This product brings together his favourite things which are making a mess and gooey items and to be honest as its non toxic and basically just water I have no problem with it and the fact that he has made a mess hasn’t sent me into a spin as it is so easy to clean up with the dissolve packet included.

The colour we got was Princess Pink which of course isn’t considered a “boy” colour but Ethan really couldn’t of cared less as he got to make a mess and not have me nag at him! There is Green, Red, Blue and Pink available in the “Gelli Baff” range so it suits everyone’s tastes and opinions regarding boy and girl colours.

pink hands

Our next plan of action is to try the “Slime Baff” which in all honesty I am really intrigued with as I can’t understand how goes from being just water to slime!! My mind boggles!

My only warning is to read the instructions fully as we did manage to dye Ethans hands pink due to not waiting the 15 minutes! Oops.

The item was gifted however we were not paid to review this item nor was the review approved by ZimpliKids.

These thoughts and images are owned by DittrichDiary and do not reflect the companies’ view.

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