Geomag Glow & Glitter Sets [AD]

I have always loved the Geomag Sets but since the kids have gotten older we are finding them a brilliant tool. We have always found Geomag to be good quality, long lasting and help aid their imaginative play. Toys that glow or have glitter in them are a huge winner in our house with Ethan and Ava so when the team at Geomag gifted us a Glitter Set and A Glow In The Dark set they couldn’t wait to rip into them.

Kid K’Nex [AD]

We were GIFTED a set of Kid K’nex for a review and I have to be honest I haven’t heard of Kid K’nex before only the slightly older version that is widely used. Ethan is slightly too old for Kid K’Nex so Nick’s nephew stepped in to trial it and at 4 years old he was a huge fan of the product. He wouldn’t pose for photos so I have taken some of the animals he made and some in progress shots.