4 Fiction Books For Year 5 & 6 [AD]

I have been sent 3 different authors of children’s books for Ethan and Ava and since they loved them I thought I would share them with you too. The books are by smaller authors but I will link where you can get them, who they are suitable for and a basic blurb about them. My age recommendations in the title are only a suggestion based on my children / step-children reading them and the topics the books cover.

The Twig Man – Sana Rasoul – 10+

Genre: Middle Grade, Children’s, Fantasy, Diverse, Spooky

Ethan LOVED this book, it took him slightly longer than some children of aged 10 + as the writing is quite small but I would definitely say any child of Year 6 and up would love it. It is full of spook, twists and turns and halloween vibes and it works really well as even though you don’t have pictures it is written so well that you can imagine what is going on. In the back it has a glossary of Kurdish terms if anyone reading is struggling understanding some of them which I love as it helps bring different cultures into the conversation. It is perfect for opening up the conversation and bringing new knowledge to the readers that they can then pass onto others.

the twig man

Trigger warnings: it mentions people running away, disappearing, people being taken. there are always chances of others we haven’t noticed, so make sure you pre-read the book if you are Concerned.

Ethan rated it a 8/10 as he said it was a bit hard to read but it is aimed at middle grade which I would suggest is 10+ or Year 6 and above. I don’t think Ava would of struggled as much as she is a confident reader and the year above Ethan at school. He really liked it when he was reading it and said he would read it again as it is spooky and perfect for the month of October.

Beware the Twig Man, the Twig Man’s hex. Beware the Twig Man, or you’ll be NEXT!      
It’s been a year since nearly-twelve-year-old Ari’s older sister, Lana, ran away.
Except Ari knows what really happened.
She was taken by the Twig Man, the creepy monster that’s haunted the woods for one hundred years.
No one else will listen, so it’s down to Ari to save his sister.
But he had better hurry, as Ari finds himself next on The Twig Man’s list…

Jump! – J G Nolan – 8+

Genres: Children Fiction

This one got my attention as it is football related and Ethan has been starting to show an interest but also because the foreword is by Joe Hart which Nick informs me is an ex professional footballer for Celtic FC. Nick isn’t a reader by any stretch but he has said he would love to read it so it definitely spiked our interest.

jump by jg nolan

Ethan said he really liked reading this one especially with the really good illustrations and that the chapters weren’t too long so he didn’t get confused or lost with what was happening. He said that each chapter is just the right length and that it was perfect for morning reading time at school. Ethan isn’t a huge reader compared to Ava and Myself but he loved it and kept asking to read some more, I believe it has a really good message never to give up in it so I was glad he kept going with it.

After Ethan had finished with it, he spoke to Nick about it and then Nick ended up reading it within a week! He agreed that the theme within the story is really good and strong, we love Jump and think it would be good for all young people to read it and realise you shouldn’t give up. I will recommending it to my school for their reading list within the Year 6 classes.

Trigger Warnings: Injuries, Broken Bones. there are always chances of others we haven’t noticed, so make sure you pre-read the book if you are Concerned.

Ethan rated it a 9/10 and he had no negatives for it, he is just hard to get a 10 out of. Nick said a 9/10 too but that is an adult reading a child’s book so I would say that is also very good. We all really liked it and it will be passed around the boy’s friends and then sit proudly on our bookshelf!

Twig / Jump book

Robbie Blair is a talented young schoolboy who dreams of being a professional
football player when he grows up. He possesses the necessary skills but unfortunately is also set apart from the pack by his tendency to break bones – lots of them! When Robbie breaks his femur for the third time during an important trial he discovers he has a form of brittle bones and is resigned to the grim fact that his footballing dream is finally over. But is it over? A chance discovery of an old football shirt and then an encounter with a World War 2 veteran in a local old people’s home trigger a mysterious chain of events in Robbie Blair’s life.
Already a Celtic fan, Robbie is introduced to the club’s rich past and in particular the world of the
legendary Celtic footballer Patsy Gallacher who bamboozled defenders with his mercurial skills over 100 years ago. Robbie is guided by a mysterious voice, by a face which urges him to think “outside the box”, to train in a different way if he wants to fulfil his ultimate dream of playing professional football for Celtic one day.

Gillian Young – Poppy On Safari – 8+

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Animals, Middle Grade

I got these books for Ava as they reminded me out a collection of books that I had when I was younger- I loved the Animal Ark books but i think the similar ones now a days would be the Animal Magic Series. I used to love animal books when I was younger so I am reliving my youth through Ava and books like these. This is like a grown up detective / love story series and it really keeps you engaged and wanting to keep reading. The paw prints on each page are just adorable as well as the illustrations on each chapter starting page. I love how it takes real life situations and places so you can imagine them and picture them but then it tells the story from the dog’s point of view. These books and series are a breath of fresh air and we really enjoyed reading them all.

Triggers: Relationships, being left behind, not making friends, missing people, death of a dog (in the tammy and willow book). there are always chances of others we haven’t noticed, so make sure you pre-read the book if you are Concerned.

Ava and I both rate these books 10/10 but the only thing she did say was that she wishes there was a few more illustrations throughout the book – maybe at the end of the chapters, as she really liked them. Other than that she said they were great and she has told all her friends about the books and told them they need to read them so she can talk more about them. Definitely a hit in our house. I have included all the blurbs below for the books we received.

Poppy is a crazy cream golden retriever who is loveable yet greedy and spoilt. When her family head to a Safari Park for a fun-filled day out, her day does not go as expected. Instead of meeting new animals, she is left behind at a dog kennel. Fearing she is being punished for being naughty earlier, Poppy panics. She is also told about a mysterious animal called Cain, the King of the Safari Park, but something has happened to him and nobody at the kennels knows what this is or what he has done. Poppy is desperate to rejoin her family. She persuades the other dogs to help her escape by promising to find out what has happened to Cain. She meets a puppy called Harley who is also a cream retriever. Harley has lost his family too. Now Poppy not only needs to find her family, but help Harley find his loved ones and also get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Cain. How is she going to manage this when dogs are not even allowed inside the Safari Park?!

Gillian Young – Poppy Loves Devon – 8+

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Animals, Middle Grade

gillian young books

Poppy Loves Devon is the second in the Crazy Cream Adventure Series. Following on from Poppy on Safari, the pampered life of this crazy cream retriever is turned upside-down when she discovers a lost puppy whilst on holiday with her family. Poppy wants to befriend anything that moves, but she’s never successful. It seems all the other animals find her too big, loud and boisterous. Dad is convinced she needs a playmate, but Poppy’s unsure. She enjoys the fuss and attention from her family so much, she is not willing to share. The choice is taken away from her when one day a puppy comes along. However, Poppy soon discovers the puppy is lost and alone. Her big heart and caring nature kicks in when she discovers a monster lurking in a nearby wood. Poppy must act fast to save the farm, her family – and the puppy. Meanwhile, a handsome border collie ticks all the boxes as the ‘perfect’ dog – but is he? Poppy Loves Devon follows her pursuit of making friends but not realising what’s under her very nose.

Gillian Young – Tammy Loves Willow – 10+

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Animals, Middle Grade

Hannah Taylor and her border collie, Tammy, have a special bond. They have grown up together and are so close they practically know each other’s thoughts. But when Tammy suddenly falls ill and dies, Hannah is devastated and wonders how she will ever cope with life without her beloved friend. But life goes on and Hannah must face a new year at high school. Despite the help of her family and friends Hannah misses Tammy so much she loses interest in everything, even the famous summer fayre which occurs every year in the village. Meanwhile Tammy is also struggling to work out what is happening. After being desperately ill and falling into a deep sleep, she is now feeling better than ever. But Hannah no longer seems able to see or hear her. What’s happened? What’s this limbo Tammy has suddenly found herself in? And what’s this strange light that follows her? When a cute fluffy collie pup called Willow comes into their lives, Hannah cannot help but grow fond of this little ball of fluff. And even better, this little pup is no ordinary dog, she can actually see Tammy.  

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