The Fixer by Lee Winter [AD]

It may only be February, but I can say with 10000% certainty that The Fixer is one of my favourite books of 2023.

Lee Winter shows off once again with this book and proves why they are one of the top authors that I love to read and always recommend to my friends.

The Books Blurb

A naive activist is hired by a corporate villain but doesn’t realise it. Cue one awkward farce, a twisty puzzle, and the slowest of slow burns in this opposites-attract, ice queen romance.

Nine years ago, aloof, icy Michelle Hastings chose career over love. She’s now living with that choice as she rules a secret corporation catering to the rich and powerful.

Enter Eden Lawless. The guileless activist finds it a bit weird being employed by a mystery organization to bring down a corrupt mayor. But, hey, she’s up for a challenge. Much harder is getting her beautiful new boss out of her head. The pull between them is electric.

Book one in The Villains Series is a lesbian romance filled with intrigue, humor, and heart. It’s set in The Red Files universe but can be read as a standalone series.

If you took all of my sapphic books and told me I could only keep the books of one author, it would easily be Lee Winter. I love how her books are filled with humor, intelligence and characters that evoke so many different emotions. 

I knew when I was asked by LitPr to review this that it would be an outstanding read. It definitely exceeded what I expected and I didn’t want it to end. I would love to take a road trip in the rainbow van, hang out at the B&B & gossip with the characters. 100% recommend this book and I can’t wait to get cracking on the next book in the series.

This book was also featured in my Valentine’s Day Book Guide.

the fixer

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