Our Friends at LiterallyPr have shared with us a new and upcoming book company and website called Booknet. It is an innovative Ukrainian publishing tech company that are launching in the UK following huge success in Eastern Europe and Latin America. They have OVER 150,000 unique visitors to Booknet daily. Popular authors collect tens of thousands of loyal readers on their own pages, where writers can interact and engage with their audience, in a similar way to other social media networks.
Bookscription book sales model creating profitable income stream for hundreds (and growing) of talented writers.

Commercial authors earn 70% royalties and get free marketing on Booknet (versus a standard 10% in traditional publishing. It is a novel way for readers to engage with authors & stories as they’re written and it adds a certain excitement as you are enjoying the story without knowing for certain how it will end!

Here are some links about Booknet from other websites:

If you would love to try out Booknet then follow this link to the “Bestsellers List

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t an ad and we have not been paid / gifted / affiliate link to share this company. I am sharing it as I want to help the authors in Ukraine.

We give our 100% honest opinions on the products we write about.

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