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In the days before kids but also kindles, tablets and phones I would make sure I had at least 3-4 magazines with me when I went on holiday or a long journey. I wouldn’t risk running out half way through my holiday and whenever I had long train journeys I made sure I had a brand new one so I could get fully immersed in it. Those days are long gone even when I’m child free but when I do get a chance the Readly app has saved my back from carrying all of those magazines and my bank account too.

When I was approached to trial the Readly app you could say I was a skeptic and definitely intrigued as I was worried about taking out another subscription that I can’t guarantee I will use enough. I don’t read many magazines unless I’m travelling but I was reassured that the Readly app would change all of that and I would love it. 

Readly app

Readly: how does it work?

Unlimited access to their library of magazines for one fixed price of £9.99 per month, plus you can add one subscription to five different devices (including Kindle, smartphones, etc) and then you can download magazines to read later even if there’s no signal. I really like this as it is a win, win for when I travel on the tube.

From what I have tried on the app so far it is really straightforward to use. I have used it on my iPhone, iPad and my sons kindle and it is definitely easier on the bigger screens but it isn’t too bad on my phone for convenience.

There is a whole range of weekly magazines, monthlies, hobbies, sports, crafts, celebs and so many more topics. When signing up it asked me to pick 3 or more categories that we were interested in so it narrowed down the HUGE amount of choice. So far I am really impressed at the amount of choice there is and it has definitely kept me busy in between the kids, their sports and blogging.

If you’re addicted to the women’s weekly style of magazines then, there is so much choice, such as Bella, InStyle, Heat, Woman, OK and more. Honestly the choice is insane and would keep me busy for hours if I could just keep flicking through them all.

From what I can work out there is, National Geographic Traveller, National Geographic Kids, Wanderlust, Conde Nast Traveller and Cruise International, so if you are a traveller then these are perfect for you.

Disney & Readly Collaboration

Readly, have collaborated with Disney to bring 80+Disney magazines and comics to Readly subscribers. It is the perfect app for inspiring children to read more at home and on the go! 

When you think of Disney you definitely think of the much-loved character stars such as Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, High School Musical, Star WarsTM and MARVEL. Kids can now immerse themselves in the world of Disney through brilliant stories, fantasy adventures, craft ideas and activities revolving around their favourite characters.

The Disney magazines are available to all the family as part of the unlimited reading subscription on Readly and as a subscripter the package gives up to 5 profiles per household. This is brilliant as it means the whole family can enjoy reading their favourite titles too! (Plus You can add parental control to any profile too.)

You can download up to 500 titles and read in the offline mode too. 

Readly review – Our verdict?

My verdict on the Readly app? It’s a great app and the kids love it, as they love the Disney section and I love being able to just jump into a gossip magazine, a craft magazine or a cooking book when I have 5 minutes. I think this will help me read more even if it is just Heat magazine or just browsing the craft magaazines. If you want to try 1 month of Readly for freethen visit After the first month it will be just £9.99 per month. If this sounds like a good present then there are a range of Christmas Gift cards available for 3, 6 and 12 months. [Visit for more information.]

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